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Welcome to our Camino de Santiago blog page! Embarking on this incredible journey, whether on foot or by bike, is more than a physical adventure – it’s a spiritual and emotional exploration, too. Here, we’re thrilled to share insights, advice, and heartfelt stories that make the Camino de Santiago much more than a simple trek.

Are you a seasoned pilgrim looking to reminisce or seeking new routes to explore? Maybe you’re a curious first-timer seeking guidance, tips, or simply a glimpse into this fascinating world. You’ve found the right place!

Journey Through Our Camino Blog Articles

  • Understanding the Camino: Learn about the rich history and various paths that weave through breathtaking landscapes. Discover what inspires thousands to walk or cycle these ancient trails every year.
  • Preparation and Tips: From essential packing lists to the best seasonal advice, find everything you need to prepare for a successful and enjoyable Camino experience.
  • Inspiring Stories: Real pilgrims share their intimate experiences, lessons learned, and the unforgettable connections they’ve made.
  • Culinary Camino Delights: Explore the gastronomical pleasures that await on the Camino. Enjoy regional specialities and uncover local hidden gems.
  • Health and Well-being: Walking or cycling the Camino requires physical and mental readiness. Here, we provide advice on training, staying healthy, and looking after your mind and body during the journey.
  • Travel Logistics: Need help with Camino route planning, Camino accommodation, or luggage transfer? Our practical guides cover everything, ensuring a smooth and worry-free adventure. (Download our free ebook)

Our blog is an open road that weaves through the hearts and minds of those who love the Camino de Santiago. Whether you’re planning a future pilgrimage or walking down memory lane, our articles are penned with love, knowledge, and a genuine desire to assist and inspire.

Join us, explore, and be part of this beautiful Camino community. We are here to guide, support, and walk with you, every step of the way. Happy reading, dear pilgrim!

Simple Camino Training Tips

The Camino de Santiago is one of the world’s most famous pilgrim paths with thousands of people walking its many routes every year. Although walking the Camino is something that everyone can achieve, it is important to take the time to prepare and train for your walk. The level of training you need will depend on

Simple Camino Training Tips Read More »

Dinner on the Camino

Camino Recipe: Vegetable Paella

Camino Recipe: Vegetable Paella Paella is a traditional rice dish from the Valencia area, in the Eastern part of Spain, but it has become so popular you are likely to find it all over Spain, also along the Camino de Santiago, of course. Ingredients may vary. Our friends from Spanish food and catering specialist company

Camino Recipe: Vegetable Paella Read More »

Camino Recipe: Soupy Squid Rice – arroz meloso marinero

Our friends from, the Dublin-based Spanish food and catering specialists, share another tasty Camino de Santiago recipe. This time it’s arroz meloso marinero or soupy squid rice. What you will need: (Prep. time: 45mins, for 4 people) For the rice 320g Bomba rice 500g baby squid, chopped 100ml extra virgin olive oil 2 cloves garlic, finely

Camino Recipe: Soupy Squid Rice – arroz meloso marinero Read More »

Brandon Wilson writing Along the Templar Trail

Brandon Wilson’s Award-Winning “Along the Templar Trail”

Brandon Wilson’s Award-Winning “Along the Templar Trail” In this time of political grandstanding, it is refreshing to hear about someone who quite literally, “walks the talk.” Recently, author/photographer Brandon Wilson and his 68-year-old French friend completed an eleven-country walk for peace from France to Jerusalem. In doing so, they founded the “Templar Trail.” Wilson’s inspiring

Brandon Wilson’s Award-Winning “Along the Templar Trail” Read More »

Charity walk along the Camino

Walk the Camino for great causes

Walk the Camino for great causes At we work with many charities, groups and non-profit organizations, helping them organise successful fundraising trips to the Camino de Santiago and other destinations for great causes. The Camino de Santiago is a very special journey, life-changing for many. These are some of the fantastic charities travelling to

Walk the Camino for great causes Read More »

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