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Our selection of Camino Finisterre articles will help you plan your short trip along this unique route from Santiago de Compostela to Cape Fisterra, once believed to be the very “Edge of the World”. This particular Camino route pre-dates Christianity, as pagans used to head to the mythical Cape Fisterra on the Costa da Morte (Coast of Death). Here was where they believed the sun died and the worlds of the dead and the living became closer. Prayers would be said and offerings would be made to please the gods. It was a place rich in pagan rites, myths, and legends.

Can I walk the Finisterre Camino back to Santiago?

Starting a Camino de Santiago journey is a unique adventure that challenges you physically and enriches you spiritually. Among the various Camino de Santiago Routes available, the Finisterre Camino holds a special place for its distinct direction and the unique opportunity it presents. But a question often arises among modern pilgrims: Can you walk the […]

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Camino Finisterre Video: The Finisterre Way to Muxia

Enjoy this Camino video of the Finisterre Way, the only Camino de Santiago route starting in Santiago de Compostela and taking pilgrims to the region known as Costa da Morte (the Coast of Death), in Galicia’s rugged Atlantic Coast. Camino Finisterre Video More information about this Camino Finisterre Video Pre-Christian communities worshipped the sun in Fisterra, believed

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What is the Finisterrana?

What is the Finisterrana? Many of you will be familiar with the ‘Compostela’, the pilgrim certificate you can obtain from the Pilgrims Office in Santiago de Compostela if you have walked a minimum of 100kms of the Camino de Santiago to the city or cycled at least the last 200kms. But did you know that

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