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The Camino de Santiago is traditionally a religious pilgrimage, but it’s so much more than that. As you walk through Spain, France, Portugal and Italy, you will inevitably experience many different cultural customs, festivals and events. Experiencing as many of these cultural events as possible will help make your Camino experience even more unforgettable. While St. James Day is the most well-known event taking place along the Camino de Santiago, it certainly isn’t the only one. Hopefully our Culture & Events articles will help inspire your trip and help you decide what dates you want to walk. Maybe there’s a festival or two you absolutely don’t want to miss.

Camino Culture: The Galician Hórreo

Camino Culture: The Galician Hórreo If you are walking the Camino de Santiago, you will start noticing some exciting structures close to most homes in rural areas as you enter Galicia. These rectangular structures are granaries called ‘hórreos’, a widespread construction across rural Galicia. Their function is to store grain and other food crops for …

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8 Unique Camino Rituals

8 Unique Camino Rituals Rituals and traditions established by pilgrims in medieval times have continued to the present day. In celebration of these wonderful Camino de Santiago traditions, we want to share a few of our favourite unique Camino rituals. From the classic pilgrim greeting to iconic stops along the Camino routes, there are many …

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Useful Galician for your Camino trip

Useful Galician for your Camino trip While on the Camino de Santiago, you will encounter and befriend fellow pilgrims of many nationalities and many languages, particularly as you get closer to Santiago de Compostela. You might have learnt a bit of Spanish before but did you know Galicia has its own language? It is called ‘galego’, Galician. …

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Camino Plenary Indulgence

The Camino Plenary Indulgence You can get the Camino Plenary Indulgence (also known as “The Jubilee”), by walking the Camino’s last 100km or Cycling the Camino’s last 200km to Santiago de Compostela. The doctrine and practice of indulgences in the Church are closely linked to the Sacrament of Reconciliation (confession). An Indulgence is the complete …

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Experience the Camino Card Game!

“As great boardgames players that we are, we missed a game that brought up the heritage, curiosities and magical traditions of Galicia and its Xacobean routes until we realized that we had to do it ourselves, it combines many of our great passions” Introducing Ultreia, the Camino Game! Ultreia, the first card game of the …

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7 reasons why people walk the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage

In 2019 we conducted a survey at that threw up some interesting results regarding the reasons why people walk the Camino. The popularity of the Camino has exploded in recent years, with 277,913 certificates of completion handed out in 2018 and 347, 578 handed out in 2019. While just 53, 905 pilgrims received their certifications of completion …

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