Responsible Travel & Environmental Policy

CaminoWays is invested in Responsible Travel, and our Environmental Policy supports the long-term sustainability of the environments in which we work.

To do so, we follow several guidelines as a company and encourage our clients and suppliers to adhere to eco-friendly travel principles.


These are the ecotourism and responsible travel commitments we are taking and the advice we provide to all of our clients:

The CaminoWays Team works towards a positive environmental impact by:

  • Educating and informing all team members about the local environment through training, briefing, and dedicated FAM trips.
  • Encouraging responsible behaviour on all of our holidays; responsible use of resources, especially water, and adopting a zero litter policy.
  • Ensuring that there is a system to respond to and act on any suggestions made by team members with regards to ecotourism initiatives.
  • Ensuring that the type and scale of any environmental impact are appropriate to local conditions. All groups limited to an appropriate number e.g. 16 for a Guided walking tour
  • Maintaining a comprehensive website that offers all information about the tours.
  • Encouraging health and personal well-being for all employees and guides during working hours.
  • Using electronic mail as opposed to posting where possible.
  • Advising guests on trail etiquette and responsible travel principles in all holiday packs.
  • Encouraging guests to participate in local festivals and events that will enhance their understanding of the local culture.

Destinations: Environmental Policy

  • We work with our local accommodation suppliers to encourage recycling and energy-saving practices, including drying laundry on a washing line and not in a tumble dryer.
  • On escorted walks, all walkers should be conscious of the trail’s environment and pick up any litter found along the way.

Tour Guides: Code of Conduct

  • Maintain a professional, positive and respectful attitude in all communications with the local people and businesses.
  • Maintain a strong leadership role and model correct behaviours in regards to the environment and local culture.
  • Educate and ensure environmental awareness of the group.
  • Guides are ambassadors for the region, culture and customs.
  • Re-use and recycle wherever possible.
Camino Superior Hotels Collection

Accommodation: Environmental Policy

  • We make sure to use the best combination of 1, 2, 3 stars accommodations depending on local infrastructure and availability;
  • We select our accommodations in preference order ranking accommodations on their character, charm, staff friendliness, food quality and originality.
  • We encourage our accommodation providers to recycle and to use energy responsibly by distributing a document to this effect at the start of the season.
  • We encourage our clients to request new towels only if required, otherwise, linen will usually be changed once a week, and towels twice a week.

Water bottles

  • We encourage our clients to use a stainless steel or plastic bottle for the duration of their holiday. Reusable containers are easy to find and can be refilled along the way.

Holiday Packs

  • We supply all of our holiday packs in digital format and we encourage that if printed, they are so on double-sided, recycled paper.
  • We supply our clients with suggestions on how to reduce water use, and with how to minimise any damage to the environment and wildlife during their stay.
  • Our holiday packs inform people about water points, local bars, and restaurants along the way.

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