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When you spend a long day walking, all you want in the evening is a comfy place to lay your weary head. But what kind of Camino de Santiago accommodation best suits your needs?

The various accommodation options can greatly enrich your experience when planning your stay along the Camino de Santiago. Each type of lodging offers its own unique features and amenities, tailored to suit a diverse range of comfort levels and budgets.

At the more basic end are albergues, offering pilgrims dormitory-style rooms and shared facilities, creating a communal atmosphere that many seek for the authentic Camino experience.

A step up in terms of privacy and comfort are guesthouses and small hotels. These establishments typically provide private rooms with en-suite bathrooms and a warm, personalised service.
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camino hotels
Camino Standard hotels

For those seeking an immersive countryside experience, ‘Casa rurales‘ or farm stay hotels are an excellent choice. These are often set in rural areas and offer superior comfort in a rustic setting, allowing you to connect with the region’s natural beauty.
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Type of Camino Accommodation casa rural

Further elevating the comfort scale are 4- and 5-star hotels, which deliver a luxurious experience with top-notch amenities and services. These high-end options are for those who wish to complete their pilgrimage without compromising on any creature comforts.
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Finally, for those interested in soaking up the local heritage while enjoying first-class amenities, Paradors offer the ultimate luxurious experience. Often housed in historic buildings like castles or monasteries, they offer a unique blend of comfort and history.
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Each accommodation choice adds a different dimension to your Camino journey, ensuring there’s something suitable for every type of traveller. As you continue reading, we’ll delve deeper into these options, aiding you in making the most informed choice for your unique pilgrimage experience.

Along the Camino de Santiago, there are many different types and styles of accommodation. The accommodation along the Camino routes ranges from hostels (Albergues) and Guesthouses (Casa Rurales) to the most luxurious Paradores (luxury hotels).

To help you plan your Camino trip, we look at the different Camino de Santiago accommodation options so you can decide which type of accommodation suits you best.

Camino Albergues/hostels

A good network of Albergues (hostels) along the Camino de Santiago, particularly along the most popular routes such as the French Way or Camino Frances.

The classic Camino Albergues are public, run by ‘Hospitaleros’ (Camino volunteers), and can’t be booked in advance. Beds in dorms are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

You must have your pilgrim passport stamped as part of the ‘check-in’ process, and walkers always take priority over other pilgrims (i.e. on horseback or bike pilgrims).

In some towns, particularly along the Camino Frances and the Camino Portugues, you will also find privately-run hostels with a similar setup: beds in dorms at low prices.

*Please bear in mind that CaminoWays packages don’t include hostel accommodation, and we work with the best accommodation options for each route and section.

Camino Guesthouses/Pensiones

camino hotel
Camino Casa Rural – Country Cottage

Guesthouses can be called ‘pensiones’, ‘hostales’ or ‘casa’, and they are small family-run businesses.

They might not have a star rating, but they are a good accommodation option where you will have your own room and bathroom. They will also generally provide dinner.

Camino Hotels

Bigger Camino towns and cities will have a good range of hotels of all styles and sizes, from 3 stars to 4 and 5-star rated properties. Of course, with hotels, you will also have your own private room and bathroom.

Superior Hotels and Paradores

A Parador is a luxury hotel owned by the state-run company Paradores in Spain. They are usually historic buildings such as castles and monasteries, buildings located in nature reserves and areas of outstanding beauty. All Paradors have rooms with private bathrooms. You can read about the many Paradores on the Camino de Santiago in our article: What is a Parador?

The most famous Camino de Santiago Parador is the Hostal dos Reis Catolicos in Santiago de Compostela, which has been operated for 500 years. In Portugal, you will find similar properties called Pousadas de Portugal. If you’re interested in staying in a Parador during your Camino, you can have it as your first choice, but it is subject to availability. We have many other wonderful accommodation options for you to stay in also.

The routes with these superior properties can be found within our Superior Collection. The Superior Collection includes 4 and 5-star hotels, as well as Paradores, and these properties are always subject to availability. We will book the best available hotel if any of the superior hotels are unavailable when booking. It is important to note that not all locations on the Camino routes have superior options. We will provide accommodation from our standard collection in these locations, which offers private, en-suite rooms.

Due to the unique nature of these properties, some superior hotels could be located off the main Camino trail. A transfer to and from the hotel and the Camino trail will be provided if you stay in such a property.


Country houses

Casas Rurales, or country cottages, are a relatively recent development in the hospitality industry in Galicia and North West Spain and have brought new life to many rural communities.

They are boutique country properties refurbished considering the region’s traditional architecture. They are generally farmhouses, manor houses, and restored homesteads in rural settings; they generally offer home-cooking using local or even home-grown produce. Casa Rurales have rooms with private bathrooms. We work with many Casas Rurales along the different Camino de Santiago routes.

The Country Cottage Collection includes lovely country cottages, and they are always subject to availability. If any country cottage hotels are unavailable, we will book the best available hotel. It is also important to note that not all locations on the routes have country cottage options. In these locations, we provide accommodation from our standard collection, which offers private, en-suite rooms.

Due to their unique nature, some country cottage hotels could be located off the main Camino trail. If you stay in such a property, a transfer to and from the hotel and the Camino trail will be provided.

casa rural
casa rural

Bear in mind

Bigger towns and cities will have a better choice and range of accommodation options, while accommodation in smaller villages and hamlets can be limited.

The Camino is a long-distance trail, so the mix of accommodation styles will also be part of your journey. The Camino Frances is the most popular route with wider accommodation options. However, it gets busier, particularly in the summer, when certain towns might get completely booked.

Our advice: book well in advance if you plan your trip to the Camino Frances.

Standard of hotels provided by

At CaminoWays, we only work with the best accommodation options for each route and section. We don’t provide hostel-type accommodation.

The CaminoWays team specially selects all the accommodations and hotels we use on the Camino de Santiago. We visit our partner properties annually to ensure we always offer the best option for our Camino tours. Comfort is our top priority, and after a hard day of exploring, we feel you deserve only the best comforts combined with excellent local cuisine. All accommodations selected have private bathrooms, and most hotels have soap and shampoo at your disposal.

That is why we select only the best hotels for you to relax in. We endeavour to seek out cosy, rustic accommodations packed with character. You will be booked in the centre of the village or town, where “everything happens.”

We select accommodation based on comfort, facilities, character and food. We don’t always privilege “star rating, ” which can sometimes be deceptive. Over the years, we developed our own rating. We visit the hotels regularly to ensure the quality of the service we provide you.

Please don’t hesitate to ask our team about the Camino hotels. Please note that you don’t have to pack towels or bedding for your Camino trip with us, as all accommodations booked will have bedding, towels, pillows, soap, etc.

Let our Customer Care team know if you have questions about your hotel arrangements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our Camino Hotels, Superior Hotels Collection, and service and to book your Camino trip.

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