What are Camino Casas Rurales?

What are Camino Casas Rurales?

At CaminoWays.com, you can book your accommodation in some sections of the Camino de Santiago in ‘Casas Rurales’, sometimes called ‘Country Cottages’.

Casas Rurales are unique boutique properties that have been lovingly restored by their owners, keeping some of the original features and homely traditional feel, combining them with all modern comforts.


Farmhouses, restored stone homes with granaries, centuries-old priest houses, and other lovely period buildings are the type of property you will find when you stay in one of our ‘Casas Rurales’.

Another unique fact that makes them special is their location in the heart of rural communities, whether a small hamlet, an idyllic meadow, or other peaceful country settings.

Q. Do the Casas Rurales come as standard with my Camino Ways holiday?

While some Camino Casas Rurales or country cottages are included as standard in some parts/sections of the Camino de Santiago, most country cottages are classified as upgraded accommodations.


Q. Are Casas Rurales located on the Camino de Santiago?

Some of the country cottages we work with are not right on the Camino de Santiago path, but they are nearby (within a 10km radius).

Q. How do I get to my Casa Rural from the Camino?

If your Casa Rural is not on the Camino path, once you reach the end of your walk for the day, you should contact the ‘Casa Rurales’ owners, who will pick you up from the Camino trail.

They will take you back to where they picked you up the following morning after breakfast so you can get back on the Camino trail.


Q. What’s unique about a Casa Rurale?

Country cottages are exceptional family-run properties where you will enjoy superb accommodation in unique properties and the best local cuisine and hospitality.

Our selection of Camino Casas Rurales is perfect for you if you are looking for a quiet property with rural charm.

We work with some stunning cases Rurales in Galicia, León and other parts of the Camino de Santiago, such as award-winning A Parada das Bestas in Palas de Rei; Rectoral de Goián in Sarria; Casa Brandariz in Arzúa, Casa Casarellos on the Vía de la Plata, Paraíso del Bierzo in Herrerias, O Acivro in Rúa and many more.

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  1. By Una Shields

    Just wondering: 1. do the Spanish still have siesta in the afternoon and so no services until evening? 2. If I choose a cycle tour is it possible to not use the bike on some days and walk instead, or am I obliged to cycle each day?

  2. By Sarah

    Hi Una, thanks for your message. Regarding the siestas, the smaller towns and villages will likely close for some hours during the day but the cities are much more likely to have some open venues. If you choose a cycle tour with us, unfortunately, you can’t switch to walking some days as the bike needs to move along the route with you. Hope this helps and feel free to email if you have any more questions!

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