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Santos Inocentes

camino-traditions-caminoways-inocents-dayOn 28th December Spain celebrates its equivalent of April Fools. It is called Día de los Santos Inocentes, Day of the Holy Innocents.

It is the day to play pranks on others and have a bit of fun. If you are on the Camino de Santiago or anywhere else in Spain around this date, watch out! It is also very common to cut out white paper figures and pin them on people’s backs so you might see a few ‘innocents’ walking around completely unaware of the paper figures on their backs. Some newspapers might also sneak in the odd ‘fake’ news report and a charitable TV gala, raising funds for children in need, has also become popular in recent years.

The day is called Day of the Holy Innocents as it commemorates when King Herod (according to the New Testament) ordered the killing of all children under 2 years of age in Belem, as he wanted to make sure Baby Jesus, future king of Israel, would be killed.

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