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The Camino Ingles or English Camino is the historic Camino de Santiago route traditionally taken by the pilgrims of Northern Europe, in particular, Britain and Ireland. The Camino Ingles has two traditional starting points: the port cities A Coruña and Ferrol. This was the route traditionally taken by pilgrims from Northern Europe, Britain, and Ireland on their way to Santiago and it was also an important trading route. Even if A Coruña is a larger and more attractive town than Ferrol, only a few pilgrims start from there because it’s situated less than 110km from Santiago de Compostela. That means that if you are starting from A Coruña, you won’t qualify for a Pilgrim Certificate unless you have already completed the Celtic Camino in Ireland. Our selection of Camino Ingles articles will help inspire you to plan the perfect trip.

Why we love Ferrol

Why We Love Ferrol Why we love Ferrol on the Camino Ingles! We talk to Ferrol’s native, Andrea, about what makes her home one of the most special Camino de Santiago towns. Andrea was born in Ferrol on the Camino Ingles but moved to the south of Spain a few years later. Her time in …

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Things to do in A Coruña

Things to do in A Coruña For centuries, pilgrims from northern shores docked in the harbour of A Coruña on their way to Santiago de Compostela. Their Camino de Santiago journey had taken them across the seas, but they would still have 75km to walk before reaching the city of St James, the end of …

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Celtic Camino Certificate

Celtic Camino Certificate The Celtic Camino is the name given to the Camino Ingles from A Coruna. The short answer is yes; you can get a Compostela certificate if you walk the Camino Ingles from A Coruna; however, you’ll have to walk another pilgrimage trail of at least 25kms in your country of origin and …

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Celtic Camino Festival in Ireland

Celtic Camino Festival The first Celtic Camino festival is in County Mayo this April, organised by the Camino Society Ireland., the Camino experts, are delighted to support this great event attracting Camino enthusiasts across Ireland. The Celtic Camino Festival in Ireland generally takes place the second weekend of April from Friday to Sunday in …

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Semana Santa de Ferrol

Stepping into Easter traditions in Ferrol Semana Santa de Ferrol or the Easter Festival in Ferrol. Easter is a famous and extraordinary time of the year to walk the Camino de Santiago. During Easter Week or ‘Holy Week,’ you will be a witness to centuries-old traditions full of emotion along the way, many of them …

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