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We are calling all foodies! The various Camino de Santiago routes take you across different regions (and sometimes countries), each with its traditions, culture, and food. One of the best parts about travelling is trying all the local dishes, especially if you’re a foodie. Our Camino Food & Wine articles are sure to whet your appetite before you head off on your Camino de Santiago adventure. Whether you’re a fan of Spanish tapas, seafood in Portugal or the skillfully prepared simple dishes of Italy, you’re sure to find something delicious to taste. If you’re a wine lover, you’ll also be in for a treat with our wine routes, especially the Camino in La Rioja wine region.

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10 Top Camino Portugues Foods

Top 10 Camino Portugues Foods To Try The Camino Portugues is the second most popular route of the Camino de Santiago after the Camino Frances, according to 2020 statistics from the Pilgrims Office in Santiago. Part of the appeal of the Camino Portugues is the delicious Portuguese food on offer. The Camino Portugues route begins

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Vegan on the Camino

Vegan on the Camino

Vegan on the Camino It’s no longer uncommon to have a vegetarian or vegan diet and while countries like Spain, Portugual and Italy have traditionally had less options for vegans, being a vegan on the Camino de Santiago has gotten a lot easier. Still, it is good to prepared for the possibility of a lack

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Vegetarian on the Camino

Vegetarian on the Camino Being a vegetarian on the Camino de Santiago can sometimes pose a bit of a challenge. Pilgrims who adopt a pescetarian diet (i.e. eat fish) will be spoilt for choice, particularly in Galicia. For those who don’t eat fish, following these tips and bringing a steady supply of snacks and a

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Camino Recipe: classic tortilla

Found on every menu along the Camino de Santiago routes, Tortilla (Spanish potato omelette) is an excellent Camino recipe and one of our all-time favourites. It is also given free as a ‘Pincho’ or ‘Tapa’ in many bars across Spain. It is an absolute must-try for your trip. Everyone has a different trick or technique

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