Can I walk the Finisterre Camino back to Santiago?

Starting a Camino de Santiago journey is a unique adventure that challenges you physically and enriches you spiritually. Among the various Camino de Santiago Routes available, the Finisterre Camino holds a special place for its distinct direction and the unique opportunity it presents.

But a question often arises among modern pilgrims: Can you walk the Finisterre Camino back to Santiago? The answer is a resounding yes. This reverse journey, known as the Finisterre Way Reverse, offers a different perspective and a set of reasons why it might be the preferred choice for some.

Why Walk Backwards?

Seeking the Compostela Certificate

A primary motivator for walking the Finisterre Camino in reverse is the desire to obtain the Compostela certificate. This prestigious document is only awarded to pilgrims who walk to Santiago, making the reverse route a necessary path for those starting their journey from Finisterre or Muxia.

Exploring the Galician Coast

Before embarking on their Camino journey, many choose to spend time along the beautiful Galician coast. The reverse route provides an excellent opportunity to seamlessly transition from coastal exploration to a spiritual pilgrimage, culminating in Santiago.


Understanding the Finisterre Camino

A Unique Starting Point

The Finisterre Camino is the only route that traditionally starts in Santiago and heads west towards the Atlantic Coast. Its endpoint, or starting point for those walking in reverse, offers breathtaking views and a symbolic end to the land known to the Romans as the “end of the world.”

Pilgrim Certificates Along the Way

While walking towards Santiago de Compostela, pilgrims can earn the Finisterrana and Muxiana certificates in Fisterra and Muxia, respectively. However, the ultimate goal for many is the Compostela certificate, achievable upon reaching Santiago and fulfilling the requirement of walking at least the last 100 kilometres of any Camino route.

Compostela Certificate
Compostela Certificate

Route Planning

For those walking in reverse to qualify for the Compostela, starting from Muxia or at least from the hamlet of Lires is recommended. Walking from Cape Finisterre directly may not meet the distance requirements set by the Pilgrim’s Office in Santiago. So if you’d like to get your Compostela certificate in Santiago, you will need your Camino Finisterre to Santiago [Reverse] to start in Muxia to cover the minimum distance required.

Camino Finisterre
Camino Finisterre

Navigating the Route


The Finisterre Camino is marked in both directions. However, pilgrims may find it easier to follow the markers when journeying from Santiago towards Finisterre and Muxia. Despite this, many have successfully navigated the route in reverse, adding an extra layer of adventure to their pilgrimage.

The Importance of Preparation

Walking the Camino in reverse requires careful planning and preparation. Familiarising oneself with the route, understanding the available accommodations, and preparing for the physical demands of the journey are essential steps in ensuring a fulfilling experience.

Muxia Sanctuary, Camino Finisterre
Muxia Sanctuary, Camino Finisterre

Walking the Finisterre Camino back to Santiago is not only possible but also a deeply rewarding experience. It offers a unique perspective on the pilgrimage, allowing walkers to reflect on their journey towards the setting sun before turning around to face the rising sun as they approach Santiago. This reverse path symbolises a full circle, the completion of an extraordinary spiritual and physical journey.

Choosing the reverse route offers the opportunity for a Compostela certificate, coastal exploration, or a new Camino perspective. This journey to Santiago guarantees personal discoveries, stunning scenery, and the fellowship of fellow travellers.

If walking the Camino Finisterre towards Galicia’s stunning Atlantic Coast, known as the ‘Edge of the World’, interests you, we specialise in guided tours for this route. Our services include guided day tours of the Camino Finisterre.

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