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Tourist tax in Italy

FAQ: tourist tax in Italy

When you are travelling the Via Francigena in Italy, you will find in some cities and historic towns you will have to pay a local tourist tax, what is called ‘Tassa di soggiorno’. This local tax is collected by hotels on behalf of the local authorities and they are charged per person, per night. The …

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Francigena: Cycling in Tuscany

Tuscany is world renowned as being one of the most beautiful parts of Italy. The Via Francigena route which passes through Tuscany offers the perfect opportunity to experience the region by bike. The Via Francigena passes through Tuscany as the Via makes its way from Canterbury to Rome. Along the way you will be immersed in …

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Sites on the Vezelay Way

Highlights of the Vezelay Way

The Vezelay Way is one of the classic routes of the Camino de Santiago in France and has been used as a pilgrimage trail for centuries. The Way is split into five sections which will take you through the heart of rural France on a journey of discovery, which will immerse you in the history …

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