FAQ: tourist tax in Italy

Tourist tax in Italy

coliseum-rome-via-francigena-camino-to-rome-francigenawaysFAQ: tourist tax in Italy

When you are travelling the Via Francigena in Italy, you will find in some cities and historic towns you will have to pay a local tourist tax, what is called ‘Tassa di soggiorno’.

This local tax is collected by hotels on behalf of the local authorities and they are charged per person, per night. The tourist tax varies between all the cities and is generally between €0.50 and €5 per night. Some cities will charge a tourist tax only during high season, while some cities such as Rome and Florence apply their tax all year round. For instance, in Siena you will have to pay a different amount from March to October and from November to the end of February. In San Gimignano, tourist tax is only applied from March to October.

The tax also varies depending on the type of accommodation in some places, with the tourist tax associated to four and five-star accommodation being higher than the standard three star hotel.

This tourist tax is not included in your package with CaminoWays.com as it must be paid at the time of check-out from your accommodation.

If you are unsure about the tourist tax you may have to pay, for more information about the Via Francigena or to book your trip, contact our travel specialists.

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