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10 Great Reasons to Walk the Camino de Santiago

10 Reasons to Walk the Camino de Santiago People walk the Camino de Santiago for many different reasons, whether that’s religious, adventurous, spiritual, for the outdoors or simply to do something a little bit different and unique for their holidays. Whether you’re going on a traditional pilgrimage, for a fitness challenge, or to sample the …

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Using Walking Poles on The Camino

What are walking poles and why should I use them? Often considered an essential accessory for long-distance trekking or walking, poles can be a valuable item to add to your Camino packing checklist. If you are planning a long-distance walk of any kind, walking poles will help keep your arms moving forward. They can assist …

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Great Camino Routes For Autumn

Great Camino Routes For Autumn Longing for a great Camino route for Autumn, whether it’s this year or next? Mild temperatures and quieter tracks make autumn months, particularly September and October, possibly the best time of the year for a walking adventure. September is a very busy month on the Camino de Santiago, especially the …

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Useful Spanish for the Camino

Useful Spanish for the Camino Walking the Camino de Santiago (particularly along the French Way route and as you get closer to Santiago de Compostela), you will meet people of all nationalities. Most people will come back from the Camino having made at least a few friends. You will find some Useful Spanish for the Camino …

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Camino de Santiago lingo

Camino de Santiago lingo Heading to the Camino de Santiago routes soon? We have put together a short and fun guide to the most useful Camino de Santiago lingo, a few sentences in Spanish and Galician to help you along the way!: Buen Camino! – This is the one sentence you will always remember. It …

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Priesthood and the Camino

Trainee Priest’s Spanish Mission

POINT Road resident and trainee priest Barry Matthews is going the distance for his faith. That distance is all 500 miles of Camino de Santiago, the world-famous pilgrimage through Northern Spain. The 30-year-old trainee priest has temporarily discarded the robes of the priesthood in favour of a good pair of walking shoes, walking as he …

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Camino Recipe: Cannolo with Chestnut Flour, Ricotta Cheese & Truffle

Cannolo Recipe with Chestnut Flour, Ricotta Cheese & Truffle Truffles are one of the delights of Tuscany, and we’re always looking for more ways to enjoy this delicious treat. Massimo from the Tuscany Truffle Academy has shared this Cannolo recipe with Chestnut Flour, Ricotta Cheese & Truffle. Massimo has mastered the art of truffle hunting …

Camino Recipe: Cannolo with Chestnut Flour, Ricotta Cheese & Truffle Read More »

Vegetarian on the Camino

Vegetarian on the Camino Being a vegetarian on the Camino de Santiago can sometimes pose a bit of a challenge. Pilgrims who adopt a pescetarian diet (i.e. eat fish) will be spoilt for choice, particularly in Galicia. For those who don’t eat fish, following these tips and bringing a steady supply of snacks and a …

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July Webinar A Way for hikers

July Webinar: Camino Live Q&A

In our July webinar, we answer all your questions relating to the Camino de Santiago, accommodation on the Camino and even cultural queries such as tipping in restaurants and hotels. During the webinar, CaminoWays’ Roland and Jeremy take you through frequently asked questions relating to bikes, bike rentals and storage. There are also some queries …

July Webinar: Camino Live Q&A Read More »

Santiago on The Way

Reaching Santiago

Reaching Santiago It’s turned out to be a prolific year for Kiwis reaching Santiago de Compostela on the Camino de Santiago. Despite meeting only a couple on our trip, 79 New Zealanders have completed the trek to Santiago de Compostela this year, nearly double the total for all of 2011. And we were among those …

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