Top Camino Summer Routes

Top Camino Summer Routes

Top Camino Summer Routes

Grab your walking shoes, water bottle and camera, the summer is nearly here and we have picked four of the top summer routes on the Camino de Santiago. Start with a swim in the clear blue waters of Baiona and Vigo, enjoy the best tapas of Northern Spain or join in the summer festivals in the small towns along the way. These are some great choices for your top Camino summer routes!

Summer fiestas on the Camino Ingles, the English Waythe-bay-of-ferrol-caminoways

Join in some of the unique summer festivals that grace the summer months along this ancient route. If you are planning on walking the Camino Ingles, English Way you will start your journey in the coastal town of Ferrol. In the summer this town comes alive with music, concerts and entertainment. With festivals throughout the months of July and August, you will be spoiled for choice.

The trail offers a mix of lively historic towns such as Pontedeume and Betanzos with plenty of Summer festivals where walkers can celebrate with locals; and rural countryside, so you can get the best of both worlds. If you have an extra day take a short detour from the walking notes to the seaside town of A Coruna for ‘La Noche de San Juan’ on June 24. As the shortest night of the year, it is full of superstitions and you will witness spectacular bonfire displays and rituals.

More details: Camino ingles from Ferrol to Santiago

Unwind on the Camino Portugues Coastal CaminoO_Porto_Portugal-CaminoWays

The beauty of the Camino Portugues Coastal Way is that the whole route, from Porto to Santiago, only takes 13 nights to complete. This soulful trail takes walkers through seaside towns and fishing villages, bursting with life in the summertime. Be sure to stop for a swim in the Atlantic on one of the sandy beaches along the way. Enjoy dining in any of the outdoor terraced restaurants in the old towns of Porto or Vigo. Summer evenings don’t get much better than this. Starting in the colourful town of Porto, discover its festive atmosphere as you take some time to relax in one of the many parks overlooking the Duoro River. This is getting increasingly popular option and maybe our Top Camino Summer Routes.

The full route only takes two weeks to complete and you can also opt to walk one week from Vigo to Santiago. Remember to collect your stamps along the way.

More details: Portuguese Coastal Way from Vigo to Santiago

A Top Camino Summer Routes for food lovers on the Northern Way

tapas-pintxos-northen-spain-top-summer-routes-on-the-caminoWith your stomach rumbling at the end of a long day’s walk, the sight of delicious pintxos is simply delighted. These tasty little dishes, paired with a couple of glasses of locally produced wine will win your heart on the Camino del Norte, Northern Way. The full route takes over a month to complete but you can get a feel for this epic trail walking from Bilbao to the elegant city of Santander. Start off with a visit to the famous Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and finish with a Michelin starred meal and a glass of vino in the foodie centre of Santander.

The rolling hills and short but steep climbs make this route challenging but you will be rewarded with plenty of food for the body and the soul.

Top tip: Stop by the 100-year-old Cafe Rufo in Bilbao’s city centre to sample fresh Spanish produce and delicious pintxos.

More details: Camino Norte from San Sebastian to Bilbao

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