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Camino de Santiago, a journey for the soul

Pilgrims from all over the world have walked the Camino de Santiago trails across Europe for centuries, making their way to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, North-West of Spain.

Today, more than a pilgrimage, the Camino is an unforgettable experience and unique journey.

The most famous route is the Camino Frances but there are many more wonderful trails coming from Portugal, France and Spain. Let us help you plan a trip of a lifetime!


The Camino de Santiago is a unique journey for the soul. All of the main historic trails lead to Santiago de Compostela. Embarking on this walk you will get your pilgrim passport before you begin and collect stamps along the way to receive your Compostela at the end.  Walking the Camino is both a cultural and physical adventure. You will walk between 18km to 25km on average per day and we can help you to plan the best possible options for your walk.

Historically, the Camino Frances is the most popular Camino route. This is the version of the route you may have seen in the hollywood movie ‘The Way’ or the more recent BBC documentary called ‘The Pilgrimage’.

The Camino Portugues and the Portuguese Coastal Camino have increased in popularity overtime. These routes also finish in Santiago where you can claim your pilgrim certificate. The other routes that lead you to the historic centre of Santiago include the Camino Ingles, the Camino del Norte, the Camino Primitivo and the Via de la Plata.  Often pilgrims will choose to finish their Camino by walking the Camino Finisterre which is the only route that begins in Santiago and takes you towards the Galician coast at Cape Finisterre, also know as the end of the world.

People choose to walk the Camino for many different reasons. Whether you want to escape from routine, take some time to reflect on your goals or simply enjoy the Northern Spanish culture, the Camino is for everyone. Along the way, take time to speak with other pilgrims, take in the historic sites and enjoy delicious tapas.

With all of our Camino tours your accommodation is booked in handpicked hotels, your luggage is transferred each day and you will receive all of your walking notes and maps in advance.

If you would like to learn more about the Camino de Santiago, including the history, the trails and travel planning you can download our Camino Beginners Guide.

If you are in the planning stages you can download our free 6 month Camino fitness guide.