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Cycling the Camino de Santiago on an MTB Standard Bike

Cycling the Camino is a beautiful alternative to walking. There are many advantages to cycling the Camino, including covering more ground in less time, and it’s easier if you bring children on the Camino. If you’re considering cycling along the Camino de Santiago routes, we’ve compiled a handy list to address your queries about cycling […]

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Why we love Ferrol

Why We Love Ferrol Why we love Ferrol on the Camino Ingles! We talk to Ferrol’s native, Andrea, about what makes her home one of the most special Camino de Santiago towns. Andrea was born in Ferrol on the Camino Ingles but moved to the south of Spain a few years later. Her time in

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Sabela’s Via Francigena

Sabela’s Via Francigena Sabela, from CaminoWays, recently cycled the last section of the Via Francigena, the Camino to Rome. She shares her experience and tips: When I was offered to travel the last 100 km of the Via Francigena, from Viterbo to Rome, I didn’t hesitate for a second; after a beautiful experience walking the

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Cycling or walking the Camino?

Cycling or walking the Camino? That is a question we get asked quite a lot! To give you an idea, in 2019 approximately 6% of all ‘Compostela’ certificates are issued to bike-pilgrims or ‘bicigrinos’; while most other pilgrims choose to make their way to Santiago the traditional way: on foot. A small percentage will choose

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