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What kind of bike gear do I need to bring?

which-bikeCycling shoes or stiff-soled sneakers, bicycling gloves bicycling shorts (tight or not tight), bicycling tights, sandals, long-sleeved shirt, rain gear (jacket pants), sunglasses, sweater-sweatshirt. See our free packing guide to help solve all of your Camino packing problems.


  1. By Maria

    Hi Ruth, the French Way (St Jean to Santiago) is the best marked of all trails. The number of Camino markings for the routes in France vary greatly depending on the local regions. On the Paris Way you will find a combination of GR route markings and Camino scallop signs. Of the French routes, Le Puy is probably the easiest to follow.

  2. By ruth

    hello, is the route from paris to st jean pied de port well signaled as the one from st jean pied de port to santiago? i was plannign to cycle it…

    thanks, ruth

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