What sort of support is there when cycling the Camino? FAQ

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What sort of support do I get when I cycle the Camino?

We have carefully planned the distances you will cover by bike on the Camino. We’ve considered the terrain, track type, and the trail’s shared use with walkers. Discover the cycling support we offer below.

If you feel the distances for your cycle are too short or long, talk to our sales team when planning your trip. There is probably a good reason behind the mileage chosen; just ask us!

The Camino de Santiago routes cover thousands of miles. So, it is difficult to have someone on the ground at all times but relax. It runs smoothly all the time!

CaminoWays.com has a 24/7 assistance number should you need assistance and advice (this number is provided with your booking/travel documents). We also provide you with a support number from the bike provider. While we cannot send someone to repair your bike on the Camino trail, our trusted providers will give you as much support as possible.

Your bike has a kit for essential repairs such as flat tyres and punctures. In the unlikely event that you have a second puncture, we can provide you with the contact details of the closest bike repair shop. Bear in mind that you will be responsible for repair costs.

If you are in a remote area and don’t feel like walking, we can also get phone numbers for local taxi drivers. Please bear in mind that a taxi transfer will be at your own cost.

Discover more about embarking on the Camino journey with an MTB Standard Bike or an E-bike.

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