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FAQ: Camino on an e-bike

The Camino de Santiago was traditionally travelled on foot or on horseback. Today many people also cycle this ancient trail.

Now there is a new method; doing the Camino on an e-bike! If you are travelling with and cycling into Santiago you can rent an e-bike for your journey.

The Camino on an e-bike: FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about e-bikes:

What is an e-bike?

An e-bike is a bicycle with a motor that is used for propulsion. E-bikes use rechargeable batteries for power and assist the cyclist’s pedal power. This makes cycling much easier, especially on uphill climbs.

Can I get my Compostela on an e-bike?

Yes, you need to cover 200km to get your Compostela on an e-bike.


What routes are the e-bikes available on?

You can rent an e-bike on any route that finishes in Santiago.

What is the minimum number of days that an e-bike can be rented?

The minimum number of days an e-bike can be hired for is seven. The bike must be returned to our partner’s office, Cycling The Camino, in Santiago at the end of the journey.

When I receive the e-bike do I need to put it together?

The e-bike will be delivered to your first accommodation almost completely prepared. You will need to attach the pedals and make adjustments to the saddle and handlebars to suit your needs. Simple instructions and the necessary tools are included for both manoeuvres.

Should I have experience in the use of e-bikes?

You don’t need prior experience as e-bikes are very similar to regular bicycles. You need to pedal in order to make full use of the bike. Once you read the instructions and take care of the bike explained, you’ll enjoy cycling with ease!


Are they difficult to use?

No, e-bikes are simple and intuitive to use. You will become familiar with the machine very quickly, but you should start slowly and take your time. You’ll be flying after an hour or so.

The e-bike has various levels of assistance from low to high and you will be able to control the level you require depending on the difficulty of the terrain. In addition, the e-bike also has the usual gears so you can change to a lower or higher gear depending on the terrain.

Do they come with instructions on how to use/charge them, etc.?

Yes, a basic manual developed by the Cycling the Camino team is attached. You should familiarise yourself with it before you begin cycling.

Should they be charged every night?

This depends on how much power was used during the previous day, but it is recommended to charge nightly. A full charge takes about 6 hours. It is very important to check that it is charging correctly to avoid a surprise the following morning. However, even if you run out of battery, you will still be able to pedal as with a normal bike to finish your day.

Both the battery and the monitor on the handlebar will display the amount of battery left.

Can I cover more distance than a normal bike with an e-bike?

That depends on the power usage throughout the day. The bike has four power settings and the less power you use the longer the battery will last. You can cycle assisted comfortably for 40km.

The e-bikes are designed to make cycling a little easier, not to cover more distance. You will cycle the same distance as a pilgrim on a regular bike each day.

Are they suitable for all types of terrain?

We will provide an e-bike that is suitable for the terrain that you will face on your Camino. All e-bikes have adequate suspension, tyres and are very comfortable to ride.


Should I clean the bicycle?

Yes, you should clean your bicycle each day if it has gotten muddy after your cycle.

What sizes are available?

E-bikes are available in sizes for heights from 1.55m (5 foot) to 1.95m (6 foot 3 inches).

Are they available for children?

This will depend on the height of the child. Please see the previous question in relation to bike sizes. Remember, it is mandatory for anyone under 16 years of age to use a helmet in Spain. Of course, this is recommended for pilgrims of all ages.

If you would like to take a family holiday on the Camino, visit our new Camino for Families section.

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  1. By Sarah

    Hi John & Valerie,

    Thanks so much for getting in touch. We would be delighted to talk you through your options for using ebikes on the Camino. I have passed on your details to our sales team who can talk you through everything to do with ebikes and the various routes you are planning to use. You should hear from us very soon, Sarah

  2. By John Teters

    We are wondering what is the best part of the North Way to use ebikes? We currently plan to hike the trail from St Jean Pied de Port for 6-7 weeks but using an ebike for part of the way cloud stretch our travels into Portugal.
    Perhaps we ebike part of Portugal as you might advise.
    Thank you
    John and Valerie Teters

  3. By Sarah

    Hi Tom, thanks for getting in touch! We can arrange for you to have a rental e-bike when you are on the Camino if you are concerned about security – this could be a good option for you. There are places along the way to charge the ebikes as well and we can talk you through all of this, depending on what route you would like to take of course. We have easy cycling options so 40km should be fine. I’m going to ask Ruben our sales manager to get back to you with some more information via email. You should hear from him in the coming days, all the best, Sarah

  4. By Tom

    How/Where do you charge ebikes along the way? What about security? After all the bikes are fairly expensive. As an older guy Id like to take a little longer on the Camino – say only 40km a day – will that work or is it too little each day?

  5. By Sarah

    Hi Rachel, thanks for reaching out! Of course, we would love to discuss further. I’m going to get one of our reps to contact you directly in the coming days. Thanks again and talk soon, Sarah

  6. By Rachel Meier

    Hello, we are an e-bike distributor in the UK and we are looking to set up an annual e-bike tour on the camino. We will take a team of 8-10 people this year (hopefully September), and then we would look to make this an annual trip. Is it possible to discuss a collaboration on this?

    Thank you

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