VIDEO: Cycling the Camino Step by Step Guide

Cycling the Camino Step by Step Guide managing director Roland talks us through Cycling the Camino Step by Step Guide when renting a bike for your Camino cycling adventure. The steps for cycling the Camino are as follows:

1. Take the bike out of the box

Your bike will arrive to your hotel in a cardboard box. Open the box using a key or something similar and with the help of a friend or member of hotel staff you will need to lift the bike out of the box.

2. Straighten the handlebars

The handlebars will need to be twisted into place. You will find a label on the bike explaining how to do this. Once straightened, check that the front brake is right on the front. Once this is done, tighten the screws with the allen key provided in the tool kit.

3. Attach the pedals

You’ll find the pedals on the pannier rack with a set of instructions. Make sure that the coloured stickers on the pedals match with the correct sides of the bike. The pink should go on the left and the green should go on the right. Using your hands, twist the pedals in a clockwise direction. Then tighten with the allen key.

4. Attach the pannier bag

Simply clip the bag onto either side of the pannier rack and check that it is attached securely. There is also a removable bag that you can choose to wear on your back if you wish.

now you’re ready to take off cycling the Camino!

For more detail take a look at this short how-to video!

For more information about cycling the Camino or to book your Camino trip, contact the travel specialists

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