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*New for 2021: Via de la Plata Cycling | A Gudina to Santiago

Introducing Via de la Plata Cycling from A Gudina to Santiago

The Via de la Plata in Galicia is known to be one of the most spectacular routes to Santiago de Compostela.

The full Camino route of the Via de la Plata is 1000km long starting in Seville in the southern region of Andalucia.

Our Cycling on the Via de la Plata package covers the last 200km, the most picturesque section of this historic itinerary, through the stunning mountains of southern Galicia.

Via de la Plata

The Via de la Plata: An off-the-beaten-track Camino

Dating back to Roman times, the itinerary of the Via de la Plata is one of the less frequented by international pilgrims, making it a gem of a Camino.

Across 8 days, you will cycle your way from A Gudina to Santiago de Compostela, through mountain ranges, charming hamlets, and working farmlands.

The Via de la Plata will please any walker or cyclist looking for an authentic and more secluded experience.

While on this truly unique Camino adventure, you will have many opportunities to chat with the friendly locals and experience the Galician traditions.

If you are in search of a real taste of Galicia, look no further and book your Via de la Plata Cycling holiday!

Landscapes of the Via de la Plata

The last 200km combines a variety of landscapes that you will rarely find on final sections of other Caminos.

What is known as the ‘Scenic Camino’ will surprise by its diversity of panoramas, enchanted forested areas, and rustic stone villages.

For the first half of your journey, as you make your way to Ourense, you will cross the imposing mountains of Galicia.

The trail starts at over 1000m in altitude, so you are guaranteed some spectacular views!

After reaching the Roman city of Ourense, the mountains will turn into rolling hills, the landscapes turning a deeper green.

Via de la Plata Last 100km

Why book our Via de la Plata Cycling package from A Gudina to Santiago?

  • Embark on your journey on a lesser-known Camino
  • Meet with friendly Galicians as you cycle your way on the Via de la Plata
  • Discover the sensational southern Galician food and wine
  • Reward yourself with breathtaking views
  • Enter the holy city of Santiago de Compostela and celebrate your Camino in one of the numerous local tabernas with fellow pilgrims.

You can decide to cycle the last 200km of the Via de la Plata from A Gudina or walk the last 100km with our Via de la Plata walking package from Ourense.

Our Cycling package from A Gudina to Santiago starts from 982€ per person for 7 nights in Bed & Breakfast including daily luggage transfer services.

Contact us to get a quote for your next Via de la Plata Camino adventure!



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