Italy Via Francigena

Italy Via Francigena

Group walking the Camino

Great Camino Routes for groups

Great Camino Routes for groups The Camino Ways group tours department picks six fantastic Camino Routes for groups looking to embark on a memorable adventure. Our group’s department specialises in creating tours for groups of all sizes, including fundraising teams for charities, walking clubs, parishes, schools, and private groups of family and friends. These are […]

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Pilgrimage to Rome

Pilgrimage to Rome Travel journalist and photographer Gavin Gough embarks on a pilgrimage to Rome. It is during our daydreaming sessions, those moments when we look blankly into the middle distance and for which school children are often reprimanded, that our unconscious minds seek out solutions and find resolutions. Going on a long distance walk

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Must-see: unique San Gimignano

Must-see: unique San Gimignano The towers of San Gimignano, perched on a pretty Tuscan hilltop, are one of the most magnificent and unusual views pilgrims will encounter as they make their way along the Via Francigena trail. The medieval skyscrapers of San Gimignano are a fascinating reminder of the might and power of local feuding

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Truffle season in Tuscany

Truffle season in Tuscany The Via Francigena walking and cycling route passes through the beautiful landscape of Tuscany giving you the ideal excuse to sample their famous local delicacy. To celebrate the truffle season in Tuscany we have come up with a few unique truffle ideas for you to try out at home or even

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Tourist tax in Italy

FAQ: tourist tax in Italy

FAQ: tourist tax in Italy When you are travelling the Via Francigena in Italy, you will find in some cities and historic towns you will have to pay a local tourist tax, what is called ‘Tassa di soggiorno’. This local tax is collected by hotels on behalf of the local authorities and they are charged

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Must-See: medieval Viterbo

Must-See: medieval Viterbo The city of Viterbo, in the region of Lazio in Italy, is a popular starting point for Via Francigena pilgrims as it marks the last 100kms of the ‘Camino to Rome’. Viterbo is a small city of just over 60,000 inhabitants and home to one of the best preserved medieval centres in

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Glassblowing in Tuscany

Glassblowing in Tuscany While walking the Via Francigena in Tuscany, you will be able to discover and appreciate one of Italy’s most traditional crafts: glassblowing. Since this particular skill has started to disappear in our modern world, where could you find this art still alive? It will be in the small and rustic town of Colle

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Weather on the Via Francigena

Weather on the Via Francigena The weather on the Via Francigena will depend on the season and the region you choose to travel to. Some parts of Italy can reach very high temperatures during Summer, but from Autumn to Spring, you will find colder days, even very cold ones. During late Autumn and Winter, some

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