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Welcome to our Camino de Santiago blog page! Embarking on this incredible journey, whether on foot or by bike, is more than a physical adventure – it’s a spiritual and emotional exploration, too. Here, we’re thrilled to share insights, advice, and heartfelt stories that make the Camino de Santiago much more than a simple trek.

Are you a seasoned pilgrim looking to reminisce or seeking new routes to explore? Maybe you’re a curious first-timer seeking guidance, tips, or simply a glimpse into this fascinating world. You’ve found the right place!

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  • Understanding the Camino: Learn about the rich history and various paths that weave through breathtaking landscapes. Discover what inspires thousands to walk or cycle these ancient trails every year.
  • Preparation and Tips: From essential packing lists to the best seasonal advice, find everything you need to prepare for a successful and enjoyable Camino experience.
  • Inspiring Stories: Real pilgrims share their intimate experiences, lessons learned, and the unforgettable connections they’ve made.
  • Culinary Camino Delights: Explore the gastronomical pleasures that await on the Camino. Enjoy regional specialities and uncover local hidden gems.
  • Health and Well-being: Walking or cycling the Camino requires physical and mental readiness. Here, we provide advice on training, staying healthy, and looking after your mind and body during the journey.
  • Travel Logistics: Need help with Camino route planning, Camino accommodation, or luggage transfer? Our practical guides cover everything, ensuring a smooth and worry-free adventure. (Download our free ebook)

Our blog is an open road that weaves through the hearts and minds of those who love the Camino de Santiago. Whether you’re planning a future pilgrimage or walking down memory lane, our articles are penned with love, knowledge, and a genuine desire to assist and inspire.

Join us, explore, and be part of this beautiful Camino community. We are here to guide, support, and walk with you, every step of the way. Happy reading, dear pilgrim!

The Camino Walk Song

The Camino Walk Song

The Camino Walk Song A group of outgoing retired Irish teachers walked the last 100km of the Camino de Santiago with recently. The group had a fantastic time and have created their own Camino de Santiago song about their holiday. Thanks to the group for sharing their experience on the Camino and their lyrics!: (to

The Camino Walk Song Read More »

The Camino Way path to spiritually

Finding a life of service on the path to spirituality

Inspirational Camino Story – Finding a life of service on the path to spirituality An inspirational Camino story written by Kendra Hartmann for the San Diego Community News Group, ‘Finding a life of service on the path to spirituality’ original article. More than a dozen years ago, Bonnie Arora read a travel article in the Union-Tribune about pilgrimages

Finding a life of service on the path to spirituality Read More »

bouillabaisse french fish soup, french, fish soup-1603961.jpg

Camino Recipe: Fish and Shellfish Soup – Sopa Marinera

Fish and Shellfish Soup – Sopa Marinera Our friends from, the Dublin-based Spanish catering company, share another tasty Camino de Santiago recipe. This week’s recipe has a distinctive coastal flavour: sopa marinera, a fish and shellfish soup. What you will need: (for 4 people) 1 litre fish stock 460g mussels (well cleaned) 300g clams

Camino Recipe: Fish and Shellfish Soup – Sopa Marinera Read More »

food, lunch, dish-1167398.jpg

Camino Recipe: Bay of Biscay Cod – Bacalao a la Vizcaína

Camino Recipe: Bay of Biscay Cod – Bacalao a la Vizcaína To remind your taste buds of the wonderful flavours of the Northern Way to Santiago, our friends from share this week an all-time favourite recipe from the Basque Country: Bay of Biscay Cod (Bacalao a la Vizcaína). The classic ‘vizcaína’ sauce can also be used

Camino Recipe: Bay of Biscay Cod – Bacalao a la Vizcaína Read More »

San Sebastian’s Highlights

What are the highlights of the city of San Sebastian in Spain San Sebastian is at the beginning of the Northern Way or Camino del Norte. Tradition and modernity go hand in hand in this “small” big city with touches of the Belle Époque (Golden Age), which has a top-flight cultural agenda with its international

San Sebastian’s Highlights Read More »

Pamplona on the the Camino

Santa Clara University Article

Santa Clara University Article Walking the Camino to Santiago in Spain, and learning a few things along the way: about big questions, saints, direction, and feet. Which route would we take? Jim Reites, S.J. MST ’71, an associate professor of religious studies at Santa Clara who did almost 200 miles of the Camino with some

Santa Clara University Article Read More »

Family Friendly Pedallers Pilgrimage

Family Friendly Pedallers Pilgrimage October 27, 2012. Lizzie Enfield and son climb on their bikes and turn the challenging Camino de Santiago into a family friendly affair. ‘Five years ti-i-ime.” My nine-year-old son is showing Noah and the Whale chords on an air ukulele to sixtysomething Liverpudlian Jack. Both play real ones back home.

Family Friendly Pedallers Pilgrimage Read More »

Catholicism on the Camino

Assumption Catholic pastor spent summer on pilgrimage

Assumption Catholic pastor spent summer on pilgrimage Michelle Nolan, for the Bellingham Herald. Father Scott Connolly, the pastor at Assumption Catholic Church, had never walked 15 miles in one day, much less anything remotely approaching 500 miles over 40 days. That’s how he spent much of his summer while on a three-month sabbatical, fulfilling

Assumption Catholic pastor spent summer on pilgrimage Read More »

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