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Welcome to our Camino de Santiago blog page! Embarking on this incredible journey, whether on foot or by bike, is more than a physical adventure – it’s a spiritual and emotional exploration, too. Here, we’re thrilled to share insights, advice, and heartfelt stories that make the Camino de Santiago much more than a simple trek.

Are you a seasoned pilgrim looking to reminisce or seeking new routes to explore? Maybe you’re a curious first-timer seeking guidance, tips, or simply a glimpse into this fascinating world. You’ve found the right place!

Journey Through Our Camino Blog Articles

  • Understanding the Camino: Learn about the rich history and various paths that weave through breathtaking landscapes. Discover what inspires thousands to walk or cycle these ancient trails every year.
  • Preparation and Tips: From essential packing lists to the best seasonal advice, find everything you need to prepare for a successful and enjoyable Camino experience.
  • Inspiring Stories: Real pilgrims share their intimate experiences, lessons learned, and the unforgettable connections they’ve made.
  • Culinary Camino Delights: Explore the gastronomical pleasures that await on the Camino. Enjoy regional specialities and uncover local hidden gems.
  • Health and Well-being: Walking or cycling the Camino requires physical and mental readiness. Here, we provide advice on training, staying healthy, and looking after your mind and body during the journey.
  • Travel Logistics: Need help with Camino route planning, Camino accommodation, or luggage transfer? Our practical guides cover everything, ensuring a smooth and worry-free adventure. (Download our free ebook)

Our blog is an open road that weaves through the hearts and minds of those who love the Camino de Santiago. Whether you’re planning a future pilgrimage or walking down memory lane, our articles are penned with love, knowledge, and a genuine desire to assist and inspire.

Join us, explore, and be part of this beautiful Camino community. We are here to guide, support, and walk with you, every step of the way. Happy reading, dear pilgrim!

Sites on the Vezelay Way

Highlights of the Vezelay Way

Highlights of the Vezelay Way The Vezelay Way is one of the classic routes of the Camino de Santiago in France and has been used as a pilgrimage trail for centuries. The Way is split into five sections which will take you through the heart of rural France on a journey of discovery, which will …

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Camino Culture: cathedrals of Galicia

Cathedrals of Galicia Santiago de Compostela cathedral is the most famous cathedral in Galicia but did you know there are four other cathedrals in Galicia, along four main Camino de Santiago routes to Santiago de Compostela.  Most of Galicia’s cathedrals are medieval in origin, following a classic Romanesque style, although later additions have given the …

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Claire on the Portuguese Coastal Way

Claire, from the team, recently walked the Portuguese Coastal Way from the city of Porto to Baiona, in Galicia’s Rias Baixas. She shares her impressions on this stunning alternative Camino route through Northern Portugal: Porto is a fantastic city in which to begin your Camino adventure and its historical centre was classified by UNESCO …

Claire on the Portuguese Coastal Way Read More »

Ribadiso on the Camino Frances

Favourite Camino: Ribadiso

Favourite Camino: Ribadiso We continue our Favourite Camino series sharing by the team with Richard from our Travel Specialist and Customers Care team. His chosen favourite spot on the Camino de Santiago is Ribadiso, a tiny and idyllic hamlet by a medieval bridge located between Palas de Rei and Arzua on the last section …

Favourite Camino: Ribadiso Read More »

Amboise Chateau on the Camino

Favourite Camino: Amboise

The team members continue their blog post series sharing their experiences on the Camino. Today, Claire, Travel Specialist and Customer Care team, tells us about her favourite Camino de Santiago place. Her chosen Camino spot is Amboise, along the Paris and Tours Way, one of the Camino routes in France, then joining the …

Favourite Camino: Amboise Read More »

Must-see: Viana do Castelo

Must-see: Viana do Castelo ‘Havemos de ir a Viana’, we shall go to Viana… goes the famous song made popular by Amália Rodrigues, ‘queen of fado’ and one of Portugal’s most respected singers of all time. Rodrigues sang about meeting her loved one in Viana do Castelo, this tiny city by the Atlantic Ocean in …

Must-see: Viana do Castelo Read More »

Favourite Camino: Pontesampaio

Favourite Camino: Pontesampaio staff members get asked about their favourite Camino de Santiago spots or places along the way. With this in mind, each member of the team is sharing his/her particular place on the Camino they feel it is special to them. Second of the series is Sabela, from the Sales and Customer Care …

Favourite Camino: Pontesampaio Read More »

Buen Camino song by Senan Lillis

Camino song: Buen Camino

Camino song: Buen Camino Senan Lillis walked the Camino de Santiago from Astorga to Santiago and has sent us his personal Camino song, called Buen Camino! We hope you like it. BUEN CAMINO AIR: Cockles and Mussels (Low & Slow) Chorus Buen Camino Buen Camino Buen Camino To Santiago. In far away Spain, ‘cross mountains …

Camino song: Buen Camino Read More »

young woman, girl, athletic-2699780.jpg

Useful Camino Preparation Exercises

Camino Preparation Exercises. Pete from D-Pete Health and Fitness Clinic in Dublin has prepared a set of Useful Exercises to Prepare Before you go on the Camino. Warm-ups and stretchings before you set off on the different Camino walks or cycles. We share Pete’s Camino Preparation useful exercises. If you are preparing for the Camino de Santiago …

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glasses, crystal glasses, cups-6732714.jpg

Glassblowing in Tuscany

Glassblowing in Tuscany While walking the Via Francigena in Tuscany, you will be able to discover and appreciate one of Italy’s most traditional crafts: glassblowing. Since this particular skill has started to disappear in our modern world, where could you find this art still alive? It will be in the small and rustic town of Colle …

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Early morning field

Your Camino: Wake up early!

Your Camino: Wake up early! Simon Green walked de Camino de Santiago from Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela and written a book about his experience, now available on Kindle. He shares his thoughts on getting up early on the Camino. by Simon Green One of the nicest parts for me of walking El Camino de …

Your Camino: Wake up early! Read More »

What do I wear on the bike? FAQ

The Camino de Santiago by bike

The Camino de Santiago by bike Take the pilgrim trail to Santiago de Compostela on your bike with, the walking and cycling holiday specialist. The Camino de Santiago is not just a walking route; last year, over 12% of those who received their Compostela Camino certificate completed the journey by bike. These cyclists are …

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