VIDEO: 5 useful stretches for walkers

5 useful stretches for walkers

For our third fitness video fitness expert Peter Duffy, from Physical Therapy Ireland, shares five useful stretches for anyone planning or about to embark on their Camino journey.

Each stretch is chosen to help long-distance walkers who should regularly stretch to improve flexibility and decrease the risk of injuries while you are walking.

Peter demonstrates the easiest way to do a seated hamstring stretch, a standing calf stretch, stretches for the front of the leg and hip stretches. When you are doing a lot of walking each day your muscles will get tight and you will begin to feel stiff at the end of a long day. These stretches aim to help you to prepare for any long distance trail and help you out if you tighten up when you on the route.

Stretching is one of the most important parts of preparation for the Camino. If you don’t stretch the muscle can cause pain. Other great tips include eating the right foods, keeping hydrated and using your arms as you walk.

Watch more of Peter’s fitness videos for Camino walkers.

We have a full 6 month fitness guide for anyone who is preparing for their next Camino walk. If you have any questions about the Camino routes please feel free to contact one of our travel specialists.


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