CaminoWays sponsors Galicia at the GAA World Games

CaminoWays sponsors Galicia at the GAA World Games

We are very excited to announce that are the official sponsor of the Galicia team for the GAA World Games taking place in Ireland next week. Our multi-cultural team will be supporting teams from around the world but as the Camino is our passion and Galicia is home to the most Camino routes we are delighted to partner up with Galicia GAA. Some of our Galician staff members are already planning to bring their flags along to the games.Galician-gaelic-football-team-logo-caminoways

For the love of the game

The Etihad Airways GAA World Games will be held in Dublin from August 7 – 14. The opening and closing ceremonies will take place in the famous Croke Park stadium. 60 teams from over 20 countries will take part in this wonderful gathering of GAA teams from around the world.

There are a few reasons why it makes perfect sense for us to support the games. Firstly, we have a combined love of the outdoors and working in teams here in the office. Secondly, the GAA team spirit exudes the positive energy that comes as part of the Camino journey. Thirdly, it is very easy to admire the effort, collaboration and enthusiasm demonstrated by GAA teams from around the world. Finally, the games and the culture of the GAA offer a valuable support network for individuals that may otherwise feel isolated. When you are part of, and contribute to, a cultural movement you cannot help but feel a unique sense of community and belonging.

“CaminoWays. Com has a very close and special connection with Galicia, the home and destination of the Camino de Santiago,” explains director Roland Monsegu. “We are delighted to be the official sponsors of the Galician Gaelic Football team and celebrate once again the historic links between Ireland and Galicia.”

“We really admire the effort, team work and enthusiasm of GAA teams from around the world and particularly the Galician team,” he adds. “We wish the teams the very best of luck in this year’s championship.”

Gaelic Games have spread in popularity and with the introduction of new technology like GAAGO that allows us to watch the games from any corner of the world. The fierce intensity of the games combined with the electric atmosphere in the stands makes any Gaelic football game a truly memorable experience.

GAA in GaliciaGalician-gaelic-football-team-caminoways

The first GAA club in Galicia is called Fillos de Breogan and was formed in the city of A Coruña by Gaelic Games enthusiast Wences Garcia Zapata. After seeing his first live match in Croke Park in 2010 Wences was hooked and returned to Galicia to raise awareness of the Celtic connection and educate the locals about Gaelic Football. Since then the interest in Gaelic games has surged and now there are 23 teams as part of 11 clubs from Santiago to Vigo to Ourense. There has been a tough selection process for the World Games with only 13 places up for grabs on the men’s and ladies teams.

We are looking forward to supporting the games which are scheduled to take place from August 9th to 11th. There will be several games throughout each day and the matches are free to attend. There will be a finals day in Croke Park starting at 11am on Friday, with 8 finals happening throughout the course of the day. Pre and post match celebrations will be a key focus of the team as we plan to learn a little bit more about Galicia’s participation in the world GAA bond. Our colleagues are excited to be meeting the team at Santiago Airport on Saturday and we look forward to bringing you updates from the games.

If you are a fan of football but not in Ireland, don’t worry, the games will be covered on GAAGO around the world and you can keep up with all of the action on the GAA World Games Facebook page.

For more information about any of our Camino tours or the events that we are involved with you can contact one of our travel specialists.

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