Useful Galician for your Camino trip

Useful Galician for your Camino trip While on the Camino de Santiago, you will encounter and befriend fellow pilgrims of many nationalities and many languages, particularly as you get closer to Santiago de Compostela. You might have learnt a bit of Spanish before but did you know Galicia has its own language? It is called ‘galego’, Galician. …

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13 Essential Camino Tips

13 Essential Camino Tips Thousands of pilgrims worldwide take the many Camino routes to Santiago de Compostela each year, walking hundreds of kilometres across France, Portugal, and Spain. More than just a pilgrimage, the Camino de Santiago is a unique experience, a journey to remember. Read our Essential Camino Tips below. If you are planning …

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Camino Recipe: Seafood Paella

Camino Recipe: Seafood Paella To celebrate Summer, our friends from Spanish catering company share this recipe for a classic Seafood Paella. Make it at home to remind you of the flavours of the Camino de Santiago and enjoy the weather! Seafood Paella Ingredients What you need: (serves 8 people) from FoodFiesta: • 8 tablespoons Spanish …

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Route along the Camino

Experts top 5 Camino Routes

Are you wondering what are the favourite Camino de Santiago Routes for our experts? Sarah, our marketing manager has interviewed our Camino Consultants and asked them to describe what is their favourite parts of the Camino in simple words. You will see below that not everyone has the same opinion, and some prefer the coastal …

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Roland’s Top Camino Routes

Roland’s Top Camino Routes Camino Ways Director and Founder Roland has walked and cycled all of our Camino de Santiago routes, many of them on several occasions. For this blog post, Roland looks back at his favourite Camino routes and what makes each of them special. These are Roland’s top Camino routes: 1. The Highlight: …

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Perfect Italian dinner on the Via Francigena, Tuscany

Perfect Italian dinner on the Via Francigena If you’re planning a walking holiday in Tuscany on the Via Francigena or Cammino di Francesco, don’t miss the chance to discover authentic Italian food, one of the richest Mediterranean food cultures. Let us whet your appetite with this blog post before you leave for the Italian peninsula. Perfect …

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