The Coolest Camino Souvenirs

Scallop shell Camino souvenirs

The Coolest Camino Souvenirs

Undoubtedly, the scallop shell is the most iconic and traditional souvenir of the Camino de Santiago. For centuries, pilgrims have adorned themselves with the scallop shell, known as ‘coquille St Jacques’, on their journeys to and from Santiago de Compostela. Alongside the classic scallop shell, modern pilgrims have a variety of other appealing Camino souvenirs to choose from. We’ve picked out our favourites—what do you think?

Camino Pumpkin

Another traditional souvenir from the Camino is the Camino pumpkin. Historically, pilgrims would hollow out pumpkins to use as flasks for carrying water on their journey. These pumpkin flasks were typically attached to their walking staffs or sticks.

Camino Pumpkin

Black jet – Azibeche

In Santiago de Compostela, you’ll discover a rich blend of both traditional and modern artisans and crafts. The city holds a special appreciation for Black jet, known locally as ‘aziveche’ or ‘azabache’, and silver. Notably, one of the Cathedral’s adjacent squares is named ‘Praterías’ (Silversmiths), and nearby, there’s a street called Rúa da Azivechería (Black Jet Street). While Black jet isn’t native to Galicia, silversmiths in Santiago have been mastering the art of this stone, creating small souvenirs for pilgrims since the 13th century. Historically, medieval pilgrims carried black jet for good luck and protection on their journey to Santiago. Nowadays, most of the jet used originates from the Asturias region.

Azibeche (Black Jet)


Galicia is also renowned for its other regional crafts, such as ceramics. The most celebrated are those from Sargadelos, known for their unique hand-painted blue and white patterns. These ceramics, which often feature traditional Galician motifs like local animals, monuments, and famous writers, are a popular choice for wedding gifts in the region. Additionally, intricate lacework from A Costa da Morte, along with basketry and various other traditional crafts, are readily available in many quaint shops throughout the city.

Camino Ceramic Tile

Food, Glorious Food

Galicia boasts an array of fresh foods that, while you can’t take them in your suitcase, are a must-see at the Mercado de Abastos and other small grocery shops in the old town. While packing an octopus might not be feasible, you’ll find a wide variety of local delicacies that will allow you to take a taste of the Camino back home with you.

Galician cheeses, including Arzúa-Ulloa, Tetilla, and San Simón, are a highlight of the region. For those looking for travel-friendly options, canned seafood and fish such as sardines, cockles, and mussels are both delicious and convenient.

When it comes to sweet treats, Pedras de Santiago, which are artisanal almond chocolates, and Tarta de Santiago are the standout choices.

Tarta de Santiago

Have you got any interesting souvenirs from your Camino de Santiago adventure? We’d love to hear about it!

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