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Is the Camino Too Crowded?

The Camino de Santiago draws in travellers from all corners of the world. Whether you’re lacing up your hiking boots for personal growth, spiritual discovery, or the sheer thrill of exploring, one question seems to persist: “Is the Camino too crowded?” Here we explore what the Camino has to offer, no matter the season or

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Camino de Santiago lingo

Camino de Santiago lingo Heading to the Camino de Santiago routes soon? We have put together a short and fun guide to the most useful Camino de Santiago lingo, a few sentences in Spanish and Galician to help you along the way!: Buen Camino! – This is the one sentence you will always remember. It

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Photographing the Camino de Santiago

Photographing the Camino de Santiago Photographer Ralph LaForge shares his tips for photographing the Camino de Santiago Walking (or cycling) the Camino necessitates a means to capture the moment. While no camera sensor can match the mind’s eye and imagination for color, contrast and composition. For most pilgrims, a camera (or two) is essential for

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Route along the Camino

Experts top 5 Camino Routes

Are you wondering what are the favourite Camino de Santiago Routes for our experts? Sarah, our marketing manager has interviewed our Camino Consultants and asked them to describe what is their favourite parts of the Camino in simple words. You will see below that not everyone has the same opinion, and some prefer the coastal

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Walking in the rain on the Camino

The Camino on a rainy day

Elizabeth finds the beauty of the Camino on a rainy day… The Camino de Santiago is a unique and very special experience in very different ways for every pilgrim, however, even though we plan our pilgrimage with lots of time in advance and prepare ourselves for the walk, there will always be something out of

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