A Greener Future: on our way to the Camino Portugues

rochelle-mike-a-greener-future-caminowaysA Greener Future: on our way to the Camino Portugues

By Rochelle Archibald, A Greener Future.

We want to raise global awareness. On May 18th 2015, we flew from Toronto, Canada, to Lisbon, Portugal, to embark on a month-long litter expedition.

We are highly excited and motivated to watch this adventure unfold. We are hopeful the word of our will project will spread from city to city as we move along the Camino Portugues. This project aims to inform the globe about the effects, impacts and reach of litter worldwide. Litter is a global issue that we must work to reverse immediately. Seeing litter on the street in urban settings is becoming a regular occurrence and something that, as a population, we are numb to seeing; it is almost as if it blends right in.

Once people can see photos and videos of the accumulation of litter in a historic and sacred place such as the Camino, we hope this will touch people in a way that causes them to help administer change wherever they may live on our planet. Walking the Camino is quite a challenge in its own right; with the addition of picking up litter along the route, this project has the potential to show people that litter is everyone’s responsibility, and the Camino cleanup will be the start of a global call to action.

camino-cleanup-a-greener-future-tshirt-caminowaysWe cannot wait to land in Portugal, start meeting and talking to people from all over the world and spread our message. We look forward to preparing the entire country for a 5 Pieces Portugal! The event is on June 6th. We are incredibly grateful that a company as well known as CaminoWays.com jumped on board with this project; we hope other organizations will draw inspiration from the impact that this project will have and follow in CaminoWays.com’s footsteps when future projects arise across the globe.

We invite everyone to come along for the journey by following us along the Camino at fb.com/thegreenerteam. Now, with our backpacks stuffed, garbage bags in hand, and camera recording, the adventure begins.

Rochelle & Mike
The Greener Team

CaminoWays.com is proud to sponsor Rochelle and Mike’s Great Camino Clean-Up taking the A Greener Future team from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela on the Camino Portugues. A Greener Future has been awarded the CaminoWays Fund 2015.

For additional information about the Camino de Santiago, the Camino Portugues, or to book your Camino trip, contact our travel specialists.

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