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Celebrating Women on the Camino

Celebrating Women on the Camino Each March, the world comes together to celebrate women for International Women’s Day, and each year, we organize three women-only Camino guided tours. Whether you are a seasoned female adventurer or this is your first time embarking on a long-distance walk, the guided Camino tours allow you to enjoy this […]

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Scallop shell Camino souvenirs

The Coolest Camino Souvenirs

The Coolest Camino Souvenirs Undoubtedly, the scallop shell is the most iconic and traditional souvenir of the Camino de Santiago. For centuries, pilgrims have adorned themselves with the scallop shell, known as ‘coquille St Jacques’, on their journeys to and from Santiago de Compostela. Alongside the classic scallop shell, modern pilgrims have a variety of

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Scallop shell on the Camino

8 Unique Camino Rituals

8 Unique Camino Rituals Rituals and traditions established by pilgrims in medieval times have continued to the present day. In celebration of these wonderful Camino de Santiago traditions, we want to share a few of our favourite unique Camino rituals. From the classic pilgrim greeting to iconic stops along the Camino routes, there are many

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Positive Camino Journey From Sarria to Santiago

An Arduous But Immensely Positive Camino Journey

An Arduous But Immensely Positive Camino Journey Meadhbh Monahan, journalist with the Impartial Reporter, walked the Camino de Santiago from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela with CaminoWays.com, a difficult yet extremely positive Camino journey. Why are you doing this arduous, tortuous journey?” That is one of the most memorable questions I got asked while walking

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Group walking the Camino

Great Camino Routes for groups

Great Camino Routes for groups The Camino Ways group tours department picks six fantastic Camino Routes for groups looking to embark on a memorable adventure. Our group’s department specialises in creating tours for groups of all sizes, including fundraising teams for charities, walking clubs, parishes, schools, and private groups of family and friends. These are

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Bike etiquette on the Camino

September is a busy month on the Camino with many walkers and cyclists sharing the trails, so today we will focus on bike etiquette on the Camino since approximately 15% of pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago are travelling on two wheels. You can travel most of the Camino de Santiago stages and routes by

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