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A Typical Day on the Camino

A Typical Day on the Camino So you’ve signed up to walk the Camino de Santiago, your bags are packed and you’ve completed a fitness plan. You are as prepared as you can be. But what actually happens on the Camino? We’re here to reveal a typical day on the Camino so that you can …

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13 Essential Camino Tips

13 Essential Camino Tips Thousands of pilgrims worldwide take the many Camino routes to Santiago de Compostela each year, walking hundreds of kilometres across France, Portugal, and Spain. More than just a pilgrimage, the Camino de Santiago is a unique experience, a journey to remember. Read our Essential Camino Tips below. If you are planning …

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Pilgrims to Oviedo and not Santiago…

Pilgrims to Oviedo and not Santiago… The First Pilgrimage The city of Oviedo, starting point of the Camino Primitivo to Santiago (The Original Way) to Santiago and also the main city along the Camino del Norte (The Northern Way), has been an important attraction to pilgrims for centuries. Pilgrims to Oviedo and not Santiago… The Holy Chamber in the city’s …

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Sabela’s Via Francigena

Sabela’s Via Francigena Sabela, from CaminoWays, recently cycled the last section of the Via Francigena, the Camino to Rome. She shares her experience and tips: When I was offered to travel the last 100 km of the Via Francigena, from Viterbo to Rome, I didn’t hesitate for a second; after a beautiful experience walking the …

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