Weather on the Camino de Santiago

The weather on the Camino de Santiago will depend on the season and the region you choose to travel to.

Some parts of Spain can reach very high temperatures during Summer, but from Autumn to Spring you will find colder days. There is a season to suit everyone!

During late Autumn and Winter, some hotels might close and flights and ferries operate less frequently than in the warmer months. Daylight hours are also reduced, so you will need to adjust and manage better the daily distance you want to cover. Our travel experts will be able to help those looking to travel during these months to make the correct choices.

The weather on the Camino de Santiago starts to get milder in Spring when the sun starts to peak a little earlier than before. Although you will get some rain and clouds, this can often be welcome on a hike as a way to cool down.

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One of the best things about Autumn and early Spring (October and April for example), is that the number of pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago is much lower than July and August, when the affluence of pilgrims, especially on the Camino Frances, can be very high. The Camino becomes a tranquil trail.

Bear in mind some sections might be too hot for walking in July and August, for example, the Via de la Plata in Andalucía and Extremadura.

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The landscape, climate, and weather on the Camino de Santiago are very varied, not just from one country to another, but also from one city to the next, even between places not that far from each other.

Whatever the weather make sure you are well prepared and you’ll have the trip of a lifetime.

Download our Camino packing guide here to ensure you have everything you need.

For more information on any of our walking or cycling holidays and weather on the Camino routes, please contact the travel specialists.


  1. By Sarah

    Hi Rukshana,

    Thanks for your message and your interest in the Camino. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your husband but glad to see you’re up for a rewarding challenge. It sounds like Sarria to Santiago will suit you very well as it’s our most popular route. There are lots of opportunities to meet and talk to fellow pilgrims, but you’ll also have time to yourself. I would suggest avoiding the summer months if you’re not great in the heat, perhaps September/October will suit you better or April/May next year.

    The Camino is very safe, especially on this route and there are many pilgrims walking alone, both men and women. There is also the option to do a guided tour. I have forwarded your message to my colleagues who will be in touch via email with details about the route, accommodation and costs.

    Buen Camino!


    I would like to walk the trail from Sarria to the Santiago but will be doing it by myself as my husband just passed away. I am not great in extreme hot weather. I like my own company but also like meeting a few people too. Hate crowds but also a bit nervous about walking alone. How safe will I be? Can you let me know what would suit me best and approximate costs? I don’t need five star accommodation but probably too old (63 yrs) to rough it.

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