Amazing Camino Coastal Routes for Summer

Coastal Camino route through Porto

Every year, pilgrims from across the globe journey to Santiago de Compostela on foot or by bicycle, following various Camino routes to this iconic destination. Although the Camino Francés is the preferred route for over 60% of these travellers, there are numerous other trails to explore, each with its own unique history, cultural heritage, and landscapes. Here are four spectacular Coastal Camino routes that are ideal for the summer.

So, grab your walking boots and swimming attire – let’s set off!

To The End Of The World and Back – Camino Finisterre

This classic Camino route takes you from Santiago de Compostela to Cape Fisterra and Muxia, situated on the Atlantic Coast of Galicia. You have the option to walk from Santiago or towards Santiago. The Roman settlers once considered Fisterra as the ‘end of the world’. The region is renowned not only for its exquisite seafood and beautiful beaches but also for its intriguing legends and pre-Christian traditions.

Tip: The area hosts several fantastic summer festivals. For example, you can enjoy the beach party in Fisterra in July. August is the perfect time to indulge in the local culinary delights at the razor clam food festival.

Discover the Routes:

Muxia Sanctuary, Camino Finisterre
Muxia Sanctuary, Camino Finisterre

From Porto To Santiago on Two Wheels

Cycling the Camino Portugués from Porto along the seaside offers a dual-country experience. Begin your journey in the picturesque city of Porto, known for its Port wine and vibrant tiled buildings, and follow a less frequented route. As you cycle, you’ll stop in delightful seaside towns and coastal villages along the Atlantic.

Tip: Experience the vibrant São João festivities in Porto before you set off in late June.

Discover the Routes:

Camino Espiritual Across the Sea of Arousa

On this novel route, pilgrims traverse a segment of the traditional Camino Portugués and its enchanting ‘Espiritual’ detour, including the Camino Espiritual Coastal from Vigo to Santiago, covering the last 100km. This journey also features a boat trip across Arousa Bay that retraces the historic journey of St. James’s remains. The route is lined with forest trails and sandy beaches, rich with history in a region celebrated for its wine and shellfish.

Tip: Make sure to visit the historic town of Cambados, known as the capital of Albariño white wine and home to one of Spain’s first wine museums.

Discover the Route:

Sea of Arousa, Camino Espiritual

Camino del Norte – The Northern Way

Embark on a journey along a section of the Camino del Norte, starting from the culinary haven of Bilbao in the Basque Country and heading towards the sophisticated city of Santander. Along the route, pause in stunning coastal towns like Castro Urdiales and Laredo, where you can unwind by the sea after a day’s walk.

Tip: Don’t miss the ‘Battle of the Flowers’ in Laredo on the last Friday in August. This vibrant festival, over a century old, showcases floats adorned with spectacular floral sculptures.

Discover the Routes:

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