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Carnival on the Via Francigena

Carnival on the Via Francigena The festival of Carnival has become synonymous worldwide with the South American nation of Brazil. But Carnival is actually celebrated in towns and villages all across Europe. In this week’s blog post we’ll take a look at Carnival on the Via Francigena, with a round-up of the most traditional and unusual traditions to be

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Must-see: unique San Gimignano

Must-see: unique San Gimignano The towers of San Gimignano, perched on a pretty Tuscan hilltop, are one of the most magnificent and unusual views pilgrims will encounter as they make their way along the Via Francigena trail. The medieval skyscrapers of San Gimignano are a fascinating reminder of the might and power of local feuding

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Tourist tax in Italy

FAQ: tourist tax in Italy

FAQ: tourist tax in Italy When you are travelling the Via Francigena in Italy, you will find in some cities and historic towns you will have to pay a local tourist tax, what is called ‘Tassa di soggiorno’. This local tax is collected by hotels on behalf of the local authorities and they are charged

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History of the Via Francigena

History of the Via Francigena The history of the Via Francigena pilgrim route dates back to the Middle Ages. The full Via Francigena pilgrimage is from Canterbury to Rome, covering 1,700 km, passing through France and Switzerland along the way. The pilgrimage from northern Europe to Rome was first illustrated by the Archbishop of Canterbury in

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Must-See: medieval Viterbo

Must-See: medieval Viterbo The city of Viterbo, in the region of Lazio in Italy, is a popular starting point for Via Francigena pilgrims as it marks the last 100kms of the ‘Camino to Rome’. Viterbo is a small city of just over 60,000 inhabitants and home to one of the best preserved medieval centres in

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Francigena: Cycling in Tuscany

Francigena: Cycling in Tuscany Tuscany is world renowned as being one of the most beautiful parts of Italy. The Via Francigena route which passes through Tuscany offers the perfect opportunity to experience the region by bike. The Via Francigena passes through Tuscany as the Via makes its way from Canterbury to Rome. Along the way you

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How long is the Via Francigena?

How long is the Via Francigena? The Via Francigena, or Camino to Rome, covers over 2000kms from Canterbury in the UK to Rome in Italy. This epic trail, following the pilgrimage route taken by Sigeric the Serious, Archbishop of Canterbury, back in the 10th century, crosses regions of spectacular beauty, such as the Alps and

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