Walk the Via Francigena & receive the Testimonium

Via Francigena in Tuscany

Walk the Via Francigena, meet the Pope & receive the Testimonium

Walk the last 100km of the Via Francigena pilgrim trail in Italy to obtain your Testimonium certificate and experience an audience with the Pope.

The Via Francigena is an ancient pilgrim trail starting in Canterbury, UK, and finishing in Rome. This trail, covering nearly 2,000km across Europe, is a European Cultural itinerary since 1994.

To obtain the ‘Testimonium’ or certificate of completion of their pilgrimage to Rome, pilgrims must walk at least the last 100km of the Via Francigena – from the gorgeous town of Viterbo to Rome.

FrancigenaWays.com ‘Testimonium’ package is a 7-day walking holiday that begins in medieval Viterbo. Starting at this point ensures that travellers can complete the 100km required to obtain their ‘Testimonium’ in Rome. An audience with the Pope can also be arranged on Wednesdays, free of charge.


This 7-day walking holiday sees pilgrims travel along footpaths and trails across the scenic and lush Lazio countryside, passing lively small towns and villages where they can enjoy bustling markets, taste delicious Italian food and admire the region’s rich heritage and archaeology. Accommodation during the walk will be offered in the form of charming family-run country hotels and farmhouses.

Walkers will end their journey at the Vatican in Rome, along the famous ‘Via Triumphale’, with spectacular views of Rome, the Eternal City. During this last night in Rome walkers will stay in the centre of Rome, not far from St Peter’s Square.

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