8th centenary of St Francis visit to Santiago

st-francis-santiago-compostela-caminowaysSantiago de Compostela and the Camino de Santiago celebrate this year a very special anniversary: it is 800 years since the pilgrimage of St Francis of Assisi, from Italy to the city.

To commemorate St Francis visit to Santiago, various cultural, artistic and musical events are scheduled in the city and other towns along the Camino de Santiago throughout the year. Also to commemorate this special anniversary, pilgrims doing the Camino de Santiago following on the footsteps of St Francis and visiting St Francis convent will also be able to apply for a special certificate this year, called ‘Cotolaya’, in addition to the traditional ‘Compostela’. To receive the ‘Cotolaya’, pilgrims must follow the same requirements as the ‘Compostela’, get their pilgrim passport stamped, visit the cathedral and then visit the Church of San Francisco, where they will be able to apply for the ‘Cotolaya’. This Franciscan certificate is only available this year to commemorate this special anniversary.

It is not very clear the exact route taken back in 1214 for St Francis visit to Santiago but the exhibition ‘Peregrinatio’ features images of the most likely pilgrimage route followed by St Francis, from Assisi to Santiago de Compostela. ‘Peregrinatio’ and other ‘itinerant’ exhibitions will be opening in different towns along the Camino de Santiago throughout the year.

If you are visiting Santiago de Compostela this year, the exhibition ‘On the road’, open until late November celebrates the pilgrimage of Saint Francis to the city, with installations in iconic parts of the old town, including the Pazo de Xelmírez, as well as the church and cemetery of Bonaval.

St Francis was also the founder of the St Francis church and convent in Santiago de Compostela. Part of the convent is also a fabulous historic 4-star hotel: San Francisco Monumento.

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