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Camino Stats: top reasons people walk the Camino

Press release date: 11th November 2013. Camino Stats

According to figures from the Pilgrims Office in Santiago de Compostela, so far in 2013, nearly 210,000 people have walked the Camino de Santiago.

The Camino de Santiago is undoubtedly a special trip, a life-changing experience for many, but why do many people take this incredible journey and walk the Camino? put this question to 200 pilgrims travelling to Santiago this year to find out the main reasons why they decided to walk the Camino de Santiago.

Here’s what walkers have said:

1. Exercise
17.3% said the main reason to do the Camino was for the exercise.

2. Adventure
14.9% said their motivation was to go on an adventure.

3. Peace, Solitude, Relaxation
14.3% were travelling to find peace, solitude or to simply relax.

4. Spiritual
12% had a spiritual reason to walk the Camino.camino-stats-caminoways-cebreiro

5. Cultural
11.7% wanted to walk the Camino for its cultural aspect.

6. A Lifetime Experience
9.6% believed it would be a lifetime experience.

7. Pilgrimage/Religious
9.6% decided to do it as a pilgrimage and had a religious motivation.

8. To meet people or spend time with friends or family
9.6% wanted to walk the Camino for its social element, to meet people, or to spend quality time with people, friends or family.

9. Special Gift
0.43% walked the Camino because it was a special gift.

10. Personal Challenge
0.21% saw it as a personal challenge.

What is your main reason to walk the Camino? Let us know!

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