How Many Days Does it Take to Walk the Camino de Santiago?

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Many of our readers frequently inquire about the minimum distance one needs to walk on the Camino de Santiago to be eligible for the coveted Camino Pilgrim Certificate.

If you are considering walking the Camino, regardless of which route you’d like to take, you must walk at least the last 100km into Santiago de Compostela to receive your pilgrim certificate, which should take 5 to 6 days walking. On average, you will walk 20km per day if you choose to walk the last 100km into Santiago.

When talking about ‘the Camino de Santiago’, most people have in mind the Camino Frances or ‘the French Way’, which is the most popular and well-known of the Camino routes across Europe. However, there are many other Camino de Santiago routes, each increasing in popularity each year.

In this blog post, we will examine the Camino de Santiago Distance of some of the most popular Camino routes.

How long does it take to walk the Camino Frances?

The Camino Frances begins in the picturesque town of St Jean Pied de Port in France, stretching close to 800 kilometres, which is roughly 500 miles. To complete the entire Camino Frances, journeying from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela, it typically requires just over a month, or around 35 days, assuming an average daily walking distance of 25 kilometres.

Back in August 2020, renowned pilgrim Johnny Walker, alongside his companion Stephen Shields, embarked on the full stretch of the Camino Frances. Their day-to-day experiences on this route have been captivatingly documented in this post for you to explore.

St Jean Pied de Port Camino Frances

However, a lot of pilgrims choose to include rest days in their itinerary, typically one for each week of walking. These breaks are not only for recuperation but also offer a wonderful opportunity to discover and delight in some of the historic cities and towns along the way. Notable stops include Pamplona, renowned for its exhilarating bull run, the celebrated wine region of La Rioja and its capital, Logroño, as well as Ponferrada, famous for its Templars Castle. Tougher or longer walking days, such as the stage from Villafranca to O Cebreiro are often split in two.

After arriving in Santiago, many pilgrims continue on to Cape Fisterra on the Camino de Fisterra, which would add another 4 walking days to your journey.

The Last 100km of the Camino Frances is the most popular section of this route. Pilgrims start their walk in Sarria and then make their way to Santiago. This is a great route for those seeking a social experience or for first-timers as the camaraderie of the Camino is very evident on the French Way.

Sarria to Santiago Liam Egan

How long does it take to walk the Camino Portugues?

The Full Camino Portugues, extending from Lisbon to Santiago, or Caminho Portugués, spans an impressive 643 kilometres and can be completed over 30 days. This route offers a unique and rustic journey along the Camino de Santiago, ideal for pilgrims seeking a less crowded and more countryside-centric experience. Despite its tranquil nature, this Camino route holds the distinction of being the second most popular among pilgrims, following the renowned Camino Frances.

Beginning in Lisbon, the Camino Portugues leads pilgrims through breathtaking landscapes, charming villages, and notable towns. Highlights along the way include Santarém, a historic Moorish stronghold in Portugal; Coimbra, famed for its UNESCO World Heritage-listed university dating back to the 13th century; and the beautiful city of Porto, known for its vibrant riverfront and as the birthplace of Port wine.


Alternatively, Pilgrims can opt to walk the final 100 kilometres of the Camino Portugues Coastal, stretching from Vigo to Santiago, marking the concluding segment of the Portuguese Coastal Route. This scenic trail begins in the vibrant coastal town of Vigo, nestled in the Rías Baixas region, renowned for its exquisite Albariño white wine and sumptuous shellfish. Pilgrims can embark on a 6-day journey from Vigo, culminating in the historic Santiago de Compostela.

How long does it take to walk the other Camino routes?

In 2020, more than half of the pilgrims, accounting for just over 53%, who received their Compostela certificate in Santiago, completed their journey via the Camino Frances route. However, many others opted for lesser-known paths. The Camino Portugues, also known as the Portuguese Way, was the second most popular, drawing around 19% of the pilgrims. Other routes like the Camino del Norte, the Northern Way, as well as the Via Francigena, Camino Finisterre, and Via de la Plata, were also chosen by those seeking different experiences on their pilgrimage.

On average it takes:

Santiago de Compostela cathedral

The beauty of the Camino is that you can start and finish at any point so you can adapt the trip to the time you have available and your fitness level.

To help get you in shape for your Camino we have a Camino Fitness Ebook.

If you would like to walk the Camino de Santiago and require additional information or would like to book your Camino trip, contact us.


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