O Cebreiro Traditional Mountain Village on Camino Frances

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Nine ‘pallozas’ are today preserved in O Cebreiro, four of them part of Galicia’s Cultural Council and operating as a fascinating ethnological museum.

At the museum, you can see a typical ‘palloza’, divided in three parts: a sleeping area for the heads of the family, a bigger area for general use focused around the hearth (‘lareira’ in Galician) and a third space for the livestock.

Above that room for the cattle, the straw would be kept and it would here where the rest of the family would sleep.

At the museum, you will also be able to see a collection of everyday objects and artefacts used in the region: from cradles to kitchen furniture, crockery, etc… You will really feel as if you were stepping back in time.

Things to do in O Cebreiro


Queixo do Cebreiro, the local soft creamy cheese, made using traditional artisan techniques, without artificial additives. Perfect with honey or a slice of quince jelly.


to Don Elías Valiña Sampedro, responsible for the rediscovery of the Camino de Santiago and O Cebreiro’s characteristic ‘pallozas’ and heritage.


The Royal St. Mary’s Church, also known as the Church of St. Benedict, is the parish church built on the site of a 9th-century sanctuary. Having fallen into disrepair, as much of the village, the church was rehabilitated in 1962.


The ethnographic museum.


Early September (7th/8th) Romaría Virxe do Cebreiro dedicated to the patron saint of O Cebreiro. There is also an annual gastronomic festival dedicated to O Cebreiro cheese, taking place in April.

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