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2023 is an exhilarating time to experience the Camino de Santiago. Whether you plan to journey by foot or by bike, one thing is clear – the Camino in 2023 is going to bring peace, authenticity and a return to what the Camino is all about.

Where does the Camino de Santiago start? Walk the Camino in 2023 and experience an unforgettable journey

2023 is the year when the Camino gets back to normal. We’re looking forward to seeing all the happy pilgrims making their pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela as part of the truly genuine and supportive Camino community.

So why should you walk the Camino in 2023?

The Camino de Santiago is a bucket list experience and if you’ve been thinking about walking the Camino in 2023 and experiencing that authenticity and sense of peace that many people associate with the pilgrimage, then 2023 could be the perfect year for you to take the plunge.

A pilgrimage route since medieval times, the Camino de Santiago is an important spiritual and cultural experience that has linked people from all across Europe for centuries. As evidence of its importance and history, the Camino has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1993.

People walk the Camino for many reasons, from spiritual to adventurous and everything in between. Perhaps you’ll recognise yourself in our list of 10 reasons to walk the Camino. The most important thing to remember about discovering the Camino in 2023 is that your experience will be authentically yours and it doesn’t have to be the same experience as anybody else’s.

Looking for an adventure? Why not walk the Camino in 2023?

Best time to walk the Camino in 2023

The most popular times of year to walk the Camino are spring and autumn, followed by summer. Looking at the weather on the Camino, the most pleasant walking temperatures are found during spring and autumn.

Avoid the summer unless you are used to the heat and winter is not really recommended if you aren’t an experienced walker due to poorer weather. Many services are also closed during the off-season, especially on quieter routes.

What should I pack for the Camino?

Your packing for the Camino depends on what time of the year you are planning to walk/cycle. Packing for the time of the year and its expected weather is especially important when it comes to layering and rain gear. We have a Camino packing list available to help you get organised and we also have a Camino Packing eBook that you can download for free.

Both of these lists should help you decide what you bring with you, but just know that you can never have too many spare pairs of socks! If you’re worried about packing too much, remember that we do offer luggage transfers so that you can travel light during the day!

Walk the Camino in 2023 and finish in the city of Santiago de Compostela

Choosing a Camino Route for 2023

I mentioned earlier that the Camino de Santiago routes are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and that they have connected the people of Europe for centuries. All of these routes lead pilgrims to the city of Santiago de Compostela. The city is also believed to house the remains of the Apostle St. James and is actually where the city gets its name: Santiago de Compostela means St. James Field of Stars. Discover the history of the Camino before you travel.

The most popular Camino route is the Camino Frances, also known as the French Way. Many people walking the Camino for the first time choose to walk the last 100km of the Camino Frances from Sarria to Santiago. it’s a great way to experience the genuine camaraderie of Camino pilgrims.

Choosing a route to walk is a very personal choice. Each of the routes has its unique charms and it completely depends on what you want from your Camino experience. To help you decide, we created a list of Camino routes based on your interests so that you can be sure that you have a wonderful adventure.

In the meantime, here are 3 routes we recommend for an authentic Camino experience in 2023:

Walking the Camino in 2023 gives you the opportunity to experience a quieter Camino

1. Camino Frances – Challenge Yourself to the Full French Way

When you think about walking the Camino in 2023, the Camino Frances or French Way will likely come straight to mind. It is the most popular Camino route and has served as the inspiration for many books and movies about the Camino, the most famous being ‘The Way’.

If you want to walk the Camino in 2023 for a challenge then the full French Way could be just what you need. is just what you need. At 772km long, you will need about 35 nights and this is not a challenge you should undertake without proper mental and physical preparation.

For those pilgrims hoping to get their Compostela Certificate, you must walk at least the last 100km of the French route, which starts in Sarria. The last 100km of the French Way is actually our most popular section and is great for first-timers and those looking for a social and memorable Camino experience.

Walk the Camino in 2023 and begin your journey in Porto

2. Camino Portugues – An Unforgettable Week on the Coast

If you want a taste of the Camino and only have a short time to spare then you should consider the Camino Portugues Coastal. Perfect for a short break on the Camino, experience all the sunny coastline has to offer, from unspoiled traditional villages, seafood and wine with a sea view and a popular and social route to Santiago.

If you’re short on time, you can walk or cycle from the last 100km of the Camino Portugues from Vigo to Santiago. You can also experience a short 3-day break on the Camino by walking from Porto (home of Port wine) to Viana do Castelo.

San Sebastian on the Camino del Norte

3. Camino del Norte – Discover The Incredible Northern Coast

The Camino del Norte has some of the best cities in Spain, from foodie haven, San Sebastian, to the artistic centre of Bilbao and the stunning beaches of Santander. This route is also the jewel in the crown of authentic Spanish food. Home to both Michelin-star dining and more casual fare, you won’t want to miss the cuisine along the Camino del Norte, particularly from San Sebastian to Bilbao.

San Sebastian to Bilbao is the perfect choice for walking the Camino in 2023. This section of the route takes pilgrims along the green hills of the Basque coastline and passes the historic town of Gernika (you might recognise the name from Picasso’s masterpiece) before reaching Bilbao, home to the renowned Guggenheim Museum.

Discover The Mysteries of Galicia’s Costa da Morte

4. Camino Finisterre – Go Beyond Santiago

Many people walk to Santiago, especially if it’s their first Camino. For 2023, why not go beyond Santiago and explore the Camino Finisterre? This is the only route starting in Santiago and it takes you all the way to Cape Fisterra, once believed to be the end of the world.

It was here on the Costa da Morte where pagans believed the sun died and the worlds of the dead and the living became closer. So go beyond Santiago in 2023 and walk from Santiago to Muxia.

Make sure to visit our Camino routes page for more information about all of the routes we offer and the different sections you can experience, whether you have a few days, a week or a month to spend walking the Camino in 2023. You can also contact us with any questions and for help planning out your perfect Camino.


  1. By Lyndia SF Yoong

    Advise me please if I should rest a day before the start of the walk flying in from Asia?Starting from Epesonde , Portugal. Best Airport to arrive?

  2. By Sarah

    Hi Lyndia,
    Thanks for your message. I would suggest taking a rest day before starting your walk as you as travelling quite a long distance and your body may need some extra sleep to adjust to the time difference. Your best airport is Lisbon! Hope this helps!
    Buen Camino!

  3. By Bernadette Campion

    Completing Camino Ingles in September.
    Just wondering if you know if possible to get direct flight from Cork to santiago de compostela?
    I know i can get direct from dublin but i am sure i saw some cork flights few months back.
    Would appreciate your direction.

  4. By Sarah

    Hi Bernadette, thanks for your message. Unfortunately, there are not currently any direct flights between Cork and Santiago, Dublin is still your best option.

  5. By Kathleen Kennedy

    I am walking the Camino Francés. I am unclear as to which airport is best to fly into and how best to arrive at the starting point.

    Warm regards,

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