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Greenlife Fund and World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day: The Greenlife Fund is Open for 2019 Applications

Every September 27th since 1980 the UNWTO celebrates World Tourism Day. The day was initiated to recognise the role of tourism and how tourism contributes to greater society.  The focus of this years events are the role of digital technologies and opportunities for innovation. To celebrate World Tourism Day we are re-opening our Greenlife Fund …

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Camino tips for responsible pilgrims

The Camino de Santiago routes are everyone’s heritage and they should be preserved and looked after by us all, pilgrims, visitors and locals alike. Writing graffiti, leaving personal mementos along the trails and many other customs that might seem harmless are, in fact, damaging this precious heritage. At we have put together some simple …

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Beautiful environment protected by Greenlife Fund launches the Greenlife Fund, part of Greenlife Tours Ltd, has launched The Greenlife Fund to support international responsible travel projects. This special fund will support travel projects that promote respect for the environment, encourage sustainable tourism or tackle a particular social issue in a community or region. This initiative reflects’s dedication to responsible travel. Each year, organises … launches the Greenlife Fund Read More »

Un Paso Limpio campaign

A Clean Camino

Un Paso Limpio (a clean step) is a very interesting and worthy campaign promoting a clean Camino de Santiago, recently launched by various St James societies in Spain. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about environmental issues among pilgrims, encouraging a leave no trace policy in order to keep the Camino clean. …

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Litter cleanup on the Camino

Great Camino Cleanup: almost 6,000 pieces of litter picked

Rochelle and Mike from Canadian non-profit environmental start up A Greener Future, are back from the Camino Portugués where they picked nearly 6,000 pieces of litter. Their goal: raising awareness among locals and visitors about the impact of littering; as well as keeping the Camino clean and wonderful. Here’s how they got on with their …

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A Greener Future and The Great Camino Cleanup

The Great Camino Clean Up is supporting The Great Camino Clean Up this summer. Canadian environmental organisation ‘A Greener Future’ will travel the Portuguese Way for three weeks. To continue our efforts in support of eco-friendly travel we have developed a special fund for responsible travel and inspirational projects. The Green Life Fund is an annual fund awarded to …

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