What to pack for the Camino de Santiago?

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What to pack for the Camino de Santiago hike/cycle?

Preparing for the Camino de Santiago trip requires thoughtful planning, especially when it comes to packing. Here’s a guide to help you understand what to bring on the Camino and pack effectively, whether you’re hiking or cycling.

Understanding Your Needs

Route, Season, and Altitude

Your clothing and gear will vary depending on the route, season, and altitude. Always better to have slightly more than less.

Luggage Transfer

When booking with CaminoWays.com, your main luggage is transferred from hotel to hotel. You’ll only need to carry a light bag during the day.

Essential Items

Download Our Packing Guide

For a comprehensive list, download our Camino packing guide eBook.

General Essentials

Carry sun cream, sunglasses, appropriate walking boots, and rain gear on all trips.


Walking Shoes or Boots

Essential for mountainous terrain and winter. Ensure they are well-tried and comfortable, not brand new.


Opt for Merino wool for comfort and odour control. Have separate walking socks and evening socks.


Hiking Trousers

Convertible trousers are recommended. Avoid jeans or tracksuits.

Footwear for Evenings

After hiking shoes or sandals for summer.

Shirts and T-Shirts

Preferably light, odour-resistant materials like Merino wool.

Additional Clothing

Long-sleeved shirts, fleece, and underwear.


Sun cap or hat for spring/summer and a warm hat for winter.


Raincoat and additional warmer coat for autumn/winter.

Accessories and Gear

Day Bag

A 15-20 litre bag for daily essentials.

Sunglasses and Toiletries


Water bottle and sun cream.

Walking Sticks

Available at starting points.

Important Documents and Electronics

Passport and Documents

Carry photocopies of your passport and essential documents.

Camera and Charger

Remember an adaptor for international travel.

Mobile Phone and Charger


Bring a reading book, as your luggage will be transferred.

Health and Safety

First Aid Kit

Include plasters for blisters.


Carry essential medications; pharmacies are available but consider language barriers.

Packing Strategy

Breaking Down the Task

Use a checklist and tackle packing in stages.

Check the Weather and Route

Always check the forecast and route type before departure.

For a detailed packing list and more tips on what to bring, download our free Camino Packing Ebook. This includes a checklist and all the essential packing requirements for your Camino de Santiago adventure.

If you are looking for further details about the best routes or to plan your next Camino adventure, please feel free to contact us. Buen Camino!

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