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Path on Day 2 of the journey

CawleyCamino Day 2 to Arcade

CawleyCamino Day 2…O Porriño to Arcade….23 Km. by Eamonn Kevin from Athlone was like a coiled spring outside the hotel in O Porriño this morning at 07.55 ,waiting for the off. Sucking a fag and stretching simultaneously. Doesn’t like that hanging around, a bit like myself. After some instructions from guide Maria off we went …

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A square in the starting town of Tui

#CawleyCamino day 1 from Tui

#CawleyCamino day 1 from Tui by Eamonn #CawleyCamino Day 1: Tui to O Porriño. 16.6 Km, approx 4 hours 30 min walk. 22 degrees and rising. Off we went bright and early, 32 hardy souls all hellbent on walking salvation. We have been joined by Maria, our guide, who assures us that she is Galician …

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Lucia’s Camino journey

Lucia’s Camino journey Lucia Ebbs, Fundraising Manager with CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young), walked the Camino from Sarria to Santiago with other CRY members to raise funds for the charity and remember their loved ones. She shares that special Camino journey as she prepares for the second CRY Camino, taking place in from 3rd to …

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Litter cleanup on the Camino

Great Camino Cleanup: almost 6,000 pieces of litter picked

The Great Camino Cleanup Rochelle and Mike from Canadian non-profit environmental start-up A Greener Future are back from the Camino Portugues, where they picked nearly 6,000 pieces of litter. Their goal: raising awareness among locals and visitors about the impact of littering and keeping the Camino clean and wonderful. Here’s how they got on with …

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Useful Portuguese for your Camino

Useful Portuguese for your Camino On the Camino de Santiago, you will meet many fellow pilgrims from all over the globe, speaking many different languages.  While you might meet many English-speaking along the way (both pilgrims and service providers), you will also need a few basic phrases in Portuguese to communicate while walking the Portuguese Way or Camino …

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A Greener Future and The Great Camino Cleanup

The Great Camino Clean Up

The Great Camino Clean Up CaminoWays.com is supporting The Great Camino Clean Up this summer. Canadian environmental organisation ‘A Greener Future’ will travel the Portuguese Way for three weeks. To continue our efforts in support of eco-friendly travel, we have developed a special fund for responsible travel and inspirational projects. The Green Life Fund is …

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The Complete 2022 Camino Festivals Calendar

Camino Festivals Calendar

Planning your Camino de Santiago trip? Many interesting festivals take place along the different Camino routes throughout the year; as most towns and villages host annual festivals to honour their patron saint’ but also celebrating their local food and wine and other special events. Whether they are world-famous such as San Fermin in Pamplona, local …

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Camino Culture: cathedrals of Galicia

Cathedrals of Galicia Santiago de Compostela cathedral is the most famous cathedral in Galicia but did you know there are four other cathedrals in Galicia, along four main Camino de Santiago routes to Santiago de Compostela.  Most of Galicia’s cathedrals are medieval in origin, following a classic Romanesque style, although later additions have given the …

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Claire on the Portuguese Coastal Way

Claire, from the CaminoWays.com team, recently walked the Portuguese Coastal Way from the city of Porto to Baiona, in Galicia’s Rias Baixas. She shares her impressions on this stunning alternative Camino route through Northern Portugal: Porto is a fantastic city in which to begin your Camino adventure and its historical centre was classified by UNESCO …

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Must-see: Viana do Castelo

Must-see: Viana do Castelo ‘Havemos de ir a Viana’, we shall go to Viana… goes the famous song made popular by Amália Rodrigues, ‘queen of fado’ and one of Portugal’s most respected singers of all time. Rodrigues sang about meeting her loved one in Viana do Castelo, this tiny city by the Atlantic Ocean in …

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Favourite Camino: Pontesampaio

Favourite Camino: Pontesampaio CaminoWays.com staff members get asked about their favourite Camino de Santiago spots or places along the way. With this in mind, each member of the team is sharing his/her particular place on the Camino they feel it is special to them. Second of the series is Sabela, from the CaminoWays.com Sales and Customer Care …

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