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Camino de Santiago lingo

Camino de Santiago lingo Heading to the Camino de Santiago routes soon? We have put together a short and fun guide to the most useful Camino de Santiago lingo, a few sentences in Spanish and Galician to help you along the way!: Buen Camino! – This is the one sentence you will always remember. It …

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13 Essential Camino Tips

13 Essential Camino Tips Thousands of pilgrims worldwide take the many Camino routes to Santiago de Compostela each year, walking hundreds of kilometres across France, Portugal, and Spain. More than just a pilgrimage, the Camino de Santiago is a unique experience, a journey to remember. Read our Essential Camino Tips below. If you are planning …

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24 Hours in Santiago de Compostela

24 Hours in Santiago de Compostela You’ve walked for days and finally reached the promised land: Santiago de Compostela! You are sitting at the Praza do Obradoiro, your aching feet finally getting a rest, staring in awe at the mighty Cathedral, and you are wondering… were to do next? Well, if you are not continuing …

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8 Top Tips for Walking the Camino

Are you planning on walking the Camino de Santiago this year? At, the walking and cycling holiday specialists, we have put together their top Camino tips to make sure that your Camino adventure is an experience of a lifetime. Whether you’re unsure about what gear you will need, what training you should do or …

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Camino tips for responsible pilgrims

The Camino de Santiago routes are everyone’s heritage, and they should be preserved and looked after by us all, pilgrims, visitors and locals alike. Writing graffiti, leaving personal mementoes along the trails, and many other customs that might seem harmless are, in fact, damaging this precious heritage. At Camino Ways we have put together some …

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Useful Portuguese for your Camino

Useful Portuguese for your Camino On the Camino de Santiago, you will meet many fellow pilgrims from all over the globe, speaking many different languages.  While you might meet many English-speaking along the way (both pilgrims and service providers), you will also need a few basic phrases in Portuguese to communicate while walking the Portuguese Way or Camino …

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Pilgrim with Walking Poles on the Camino

FAQ: Can I bring my walking poles?

You can bring your walking poles to the Camino de Santiago; in fact, we recommend using hiking poles particularly if you are walking long distances. Walking poles will give you additional stability and support during your trek. They also transfer some of your weight from your lower to your upper body, making it a bit …

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