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Roland is the founder and director of Originally from France, he has many years of experience organising adventure holidays and globe-trotting. His quest to hike in as many countries as possible continues; so far, he has walked the Camino and the Via Francigena; climbed Kilimanjaro; hiked in Nepal, New Zealand and Japan; led mountaineering groups in South America... among many other adventures.

Cruz de Ferro | Camino Frances

Cruz de Ferro | Camino Frances The Cruz de Ferro, or Iron Cross, is a cross on the Camino de Santiago, located between the towns of Foncebadón and Manjarín, on the Camino Frances. It consists of a wooden pole about five feet high surmounted by an iron cross, a replica of the original preserved in …

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León: An Insider’s Guide

León: An Insider’s Guide While walking or cycling on the Camino de Santiago to Santiago de Compostela, one should consider a welcome rest in Leon and try to allow themselves some time to visit and absorb the magnificence that is Leon. Much of the surrounding region has escaped the tourist boom and remains wooded or …

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A Daily Pilgrim Devotional | The Purpose of Pilgrimage

“Brosius’s daily devotional provides an important reminder of the purpose of pilgrimage and a legitimate addition to one’s scallop shell of quiet. He draws on many of the world’s great wisdom traditions, and that eclecticism goes to the heart of the Camino. From the stoicism of Seneca in the first century to the soulful introspection …

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Spanish Food: Part of the Culture of the Camino

Every country has its own food culture. Spain remains the most popular tourist destination for its pleasant weather, interesting culture, and also exquisite cuisine. Spanish food delicacies are still enjoyed by people in various parts of the world. The ingredients used in Spanish cooking are quite different and that generates an exotic aroma, making it …

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Experience the Camino Card Game!

“As great boardgames players that we are, we missed a game that brought up the heritage, curiosities and magical traditions of Galicia and its Xacobean routes until we realized that we had to do it ourselves, it combines many of our great passions” Introducing Ultreia, the Camino Game! Ultreia, the first card game of the …

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Route along the Camino

Experts top 5 Camino Routes

Are you wondering what are the favourite Camino de Santiago Routes for our experts? Sarah, our marketing manager has interviewed our Camino Consultants and asked them to describe what is their favourite parts of the Camino in simple words. You will see below that not everyone has the same opinion, and some prefer the coastal …

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Religious building along the Camino

Camino de Santiago Confraternities & Associations Worldwide

Camino de Santiago Confraternities There are many Camino de Santiago confraternities and associations around the world. You can find details for them all below: AUSTRALIA Friends of the Way of Saint James AMIGOS DEL CAMINO DE SANTIAGO 20, Shiel Street North Melbourne 30051 VICTORIA (AUSTRALIA) link: AUSTRIA ST. JAKOBS BRUDERSCHAFT President: Helmut Radolf Stangaustrasse, 7 …

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Roland’s Top Camino Routes

Roland’s Top Camino Routes Camino Ways Director and Founder Roland has walked and cycled all of our Camino de Santiago routes, many of them on several occasions. For this blog post, Roland looks back at his favourite Camino routes and what makes each of them special. These are Roland’s top Camino routes: 1. The Highlight: …

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