How to Customise my Camino Trip with CaminoWays’ planner

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How to Customise your Trip on the Camino planner

No Camino trip is likely to be the same as another, and that’s the beauty of it! Everyone enjoys their unique experience of the Camino, and you can too! How do I customise my Camino trip?

Customising your trip is easy! We offer a range of options, such as additional nights, split walking days, airport transfers, hotel upgrades, extra activities on the Camino, etc.

We can also alter your Camino de Santiago holiday after it has been booked; however, there is a small cost. Finally, we can create a walking holiday from scratch. Talk to us about your Camino de Santiago idea, and we’ll reply with suggestions and a quotation.

Our website aims to provide a self-customisable Camino trip planner where YOU can select precisely what you want in a few steps. At the end, you will find a step-by-step video tutorial.

How do I customise my Camino trip?

Step 1: Choose your Camino route

Start by going to the Camino Planner and select your Camino Route.

Distance: -km Nights: - nights

Our most famous Camino route is the Last 100 km of the Camino Frances. However, we have many Camino routes, which you can research and decide which is best for your needs. The last 100km of the Camino Portugues is the typical coastal walk, and the Camino Frances is very social if you want to meet fellow pilgrims. But if you want a quieter, more reflective Camino, the Via de la Plata might be a better option.

Step 2: Select your desired Start Date

The system will automatically add an end date. For example, with the Camino Frances Last 100 km, because it is a 6-night trip by default, the end date will be set at 7 days in the future. This means there are 5 walking days with a day of travelling on either side.

Your start date will reflect the day you arrive at your starting point. For example, if you are doing the last 100 km on the Camino Frances, your starting date will be the day you arrive at Sarria and check into your hotel. Your walk will commence the next day.

Step 3: Select Activity – Customise my Camino

  • Walking – Average 20km/day
  • Easy Walking – Average 10km/day
  • Cycling – Average 40km/day
  • Easy Cycling – Average 20km/day

Step 4: Select Accommodation Type

  • Standard – a nice hotel with an en-suite room.
  • Country Cottages – A farm stay with extensive gardens and sometimes pools in the summer.
  • Superior – The best available when available. Sometimes, the accommodation is standard or cottages, but we upgrade you to 4— or 5-star hotels when available.

Read more about our accommodation types.

Step 5: Number of Passengers

  • First, on the Planner Form, you must choose the number of passengers for your trip.
  • Then, on the Trip Page, you can change the default choices if they don’t fit you.

Step 6: Choose your Starting Point

  • First, on the Planner Form, you must choose the Starting point
  • Then, on the Trip Page, you can change the default choices if they don’t fit you.

Step 7: Change your stops along the way

  • Then, on the Trip Page, you will have the option to change the stages (stops) along the way (if you want to walk more/less each day)
  • The default starting and finishing points will be used if you do not change anything here.

Click on Info to view more information about each stop along the way to help you decide:

Step 8: Select Extras

  • On the Trip Page, You can add some things to make your trip extra special, such as a Tapas tour in Santiago.
  • Dinner, Luggage Transfers, and Holiday Pack are included as standard.

Step 9: Get your price and save your online Trip

  • At the bottom of the Trip page, press ‘Continue’ to register, save and get the price based on your selections above.

  • You will be redirected to the ‘Online Proposal’ summary and receive an email. The quote will be valid for 30 days.
  • On the ‘Online Proposal’ summary, you can modify any aspect of your booking directly from your quote email by clicking ‘Edit Itinerary‘.
  • If you are ready, you can pay the deposit directly from your email by clicking Pay Now.

Please visit our Client Wiki Page or watch the video below:

If you feel ready and don’t want to wait. Why don’t you start with our planner now:

Distance: -km Nights: - nights

We are here to help you get the most from your Camino trip, so if you need any help customising your trip, please fill out the form below.

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