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Essential Camino Travel FAQ

Most Comon Camino Travel Questions In our latest Camino FAQ, we aim to answer your most frequently asked questions about the Camino de Santiago and travel arrangements. With Spain now open for visitors, we are excited to see more pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. Why Are Dinners Not Included in All Locations? Our standard […]

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Hotel Spotlight: Vila Galé in Porto | Camino Portugues

Since we started sending Pilgrims on the many Camino routes, we have been working in strong collaboration with Camino hotels, local businesses, and hospitality professionals. We believe that comfortable accommodation is an important part of your adventure, so our Camino hotels and accommodations are always selected with great care. This month, we have decided to

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What are Camino Casas Rurales?

What are Camino Casas Rurales? At, you can book your accommodation in some sections of the Camino de Santiago in ‘Casas Rurales’, sometimes called ‘Country Cottages’. Casas Rurales are unique boutique properties that have been lovingly restored by their owners, keeping some of the original features and homely traditional feel, combining them with all modern

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