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Camino Culture: the Galician hórreo

If you are walking the Camino de Santiago Routes, you will start noticing some exciting structures close to most homes in rural areas as you enter Galicia. These rectangular structures are granaries called ‘hórreos’, a widespread construction across rural Galicia. Their function is to store grain and other food crops for the winter, keeping them …

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Camino Culture: Casas de Indianos

Camino Culture: Casas de Indianos When you are walking the Camino del Norte (the Northern Way route of the Camino de Santiago) you will often encounter magnificent period houses with very unique and exotic styles. They are known locally as ‘Casas de Indianos’ and they were built by locals who emigrated to America or ‘made the …

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The Complete 2022 Camino Festivals Calendar

Camino Festivals Calendar

Planning your Camino de Santiago trip? Many interesting festivals take place along the different Camino routes throughout the year; as most towns and villages host annual festivals to honour their patron saint’ but also celebrating their local food and wine and other special events. Whether they are world-famous such as San Fermin in Pamplona, local …

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Camino Culture: cathedrals of Galicia

Cathedrals of Galicia Santiago de Compostela cathedral is the most famous cathedral in Galicia but did you know there are four other cathedrals in Galicia, along four main Camino de Santiago routes to Santiago de Compostela.  Most of Galicia’s cathedrals are medieval in origin, following a classic Romanesque style, although later additions have given the …

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