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Scallop shell Camino souvenirs

The Coolest Camino Souvenirs

The Coolest Camino Souvenirs Undoubtedly, the scallop shell is the most iconic and traditional souvenir of the Camino de Santiago. For centuries, pilgrims have adorned themselves with the scallop shell, known as ‘coquille St Jacques’, on their journeys to and from Santiago de Compostela. Alongside the classic scallop shell, modern pilgrims have a variety of […]

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“My incredible Camino experience…” Memories with friends

“My incredible Camino experience…” Share your Camino Memories with friends We have built a community platform for Camino lovers to share their most loved Camino memories with friends when walking the Camino de Santiago routes. The Camino de Santiago is an extraordinary journey full of hope and inspiration. We know that many people walk the

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